Thousand Miles Away

Thousand Miles Away


4. Thousand Miles Away

Harry came to our door and said can I have your phone number? I gave him my phone number. Caitlyn gave her phone number to him. Harry said thank you I will call or text. So we had to leave in the morning back to home. When we got there Harry texted me saying Hey. I said Hey Harry what are you doing. Harry said nothing you and can i have you name? I said yeah sure its Lilly. Harry said thanks can i have your address? I said yeah why? Harry said because we want to see you. I said yeah, so i gave him the address. Harry said thanks we might come tomorrow first ask your parents. I said ok, i asked my mom. Harry said what did she say? I said yeah. Harry said I got to go because we have a concert. I said ok byee (:. Harry said Byee (:.


This wasn't really a long chapter sorry!

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