Cat lady (Kiba x Reader)

Your a girl with a cat named Moonlight and Kiba's a boy with a dog named Akamaru


1. the cat

A/N: don't own you or Naruto cause if I did I would be rich but I do own your teammates Akia and Nimi also your master Katto. And your cats name is Moonlight.

You walked around the park with your cat Moonlight. "I hate him so much." You grumbled to yourself. "Meow." Moonlight said rubbing her head on your leg. "No he's a jerk no one messes with me." You said clinching your fist. "Meow." Moonlight said sticking her tongue out. You nodded. "Yeah I'll just forget about it and go meet Naruto for ramen." You smiled to yourself walking to go get ramen.

You looked down at a big white dog looking up you saw the owner of the dog. Kiba. You hissed lightly as he growled. You could tell you where about to punch him cause your normal E/C changed to a blood red and a cat tail grew in the back. Kiba growled more but before you could do anything Naruto. You calmed down seeing your best friend since forever.

"What's up with y'all always fighting?" Naruto asked stuffing his face with ramen. You shock your head. "I don't know when ever am around him my heart starts beating and am kind of afraid. I don't feel this way around anyone else." You said touching your heart blushing. "Y/N are you in l-l-love with Kiba?" Naruto asked you having that protective brother thing going on. "No he's a dog." You said sticking your tongue out. "Ok." Naruto said slurping some more but you didn't care to look at him for you had to think about the weird dog boy.

You couldn't sleep at all that night. Your mind was on Kiba the whole time. And you had a dream that y'all where kissing it was just awful for you.

The day was no better you kept thinking about him wishing he was here. "Meow?" Moonlight tilted her head. You shock your head. "I'll be back." You said disappearing.

After a while you got a little scared cause you couldn't find Moonlight anywhere. "Moonlight?" You asked looking around. You saw Moonlight and Akamaru in a fight. Moonlight's hairs where sticking up and she was hissing as Akamaru was growling flaring his teeth. "MOONLIGHT!!" You shouted running over to her. "AKAMARU!!" Kiba shouted as y'all both grabbed y'all pet. That was it your fangs grew as your eyes turned blood red and Kiba flared his teeth it was real now.

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