When he last said "Good Bye" *Narry*

Niall and Harry where the best of friends. Then one day Niall had move away leaving Harry all alone. Harry and Niall swore they would never forget each other during this time. What happens when forgets the other? Will their friend ship survive and blossom into something else? Or Will they just be two passing boats? READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!!!


9. Tell me the truth!!!

Harry's pov:

I came bursting into Niall's house. I don't care if his mom yelled at me. Right now all I wanted was some answer. I walked into the kitchen where "Niall" was doing his hw. I saw him mom over by the stove. "O hi Harry how can I help you?" I put on a smile and said, "Hi misses Horan can I talk to you in the other room for a moment.

She looked over at Niall and smiled then she turned back to me. "Um yea sure Harry...." With that being said I grabbed her arm and yanked her into the room.  "Okay start talking. No! Why doesn't Niall know who I am or what we did when we were little kids?" She looked down at the ground as if looking for  a way to explain it to me. Then as if on que Greg came down stairs.

I looked over at Greg and pulled him into the same room as me and his mom. "What's going on Harry?" Greg asked me with a big fake smile on his face. Just then Niall's mom looked up again and said, "Cut the act Greg he knows." "O" I laughed and and said, "Yea I know and I want answers now!"

We stood their for an hour until finally Greg spoke up. "Okay I'll tell you. The day me and Niall went back to Ireland Niall had an accident."  I looked over at his mom and saw that she was crying now. I looked back at Greg and said, "What happened to him?" "Well their was a car coming at me and I didn't see it. Niall was just trying to be nice and he pushed me out of the way. Sadly how ever he wasn't able to move out of the way in time. He sliped into a coma and when he woke up he didn't remember anything."


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