When he last said "Good Bye" *Narry*

Niall and Harry where the best of friends. Then one day Niall had move away leaving Harry all alone. Harry and Niall swore they would never forget each other during this time. What happens when forgets the other? Will their friend ship survive and blossom into something else? Or Will they just be two passing boats? READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!!!


12. Memories from the past

Niall's pov:

I was standing here now looking at Harry and then back at the pictures in my hands. When all of a sudden I had all of these memories rushing at me.

Harry and me playing at my house

The play dates we had

The sleep over the night before I left England

My first day here

The first time I met him

Thinking that he was really cute

Having a crush on him

The birthday parties he went to

Best friends for ever

I looked at Harry who I could tell was waiting for me to say something. I had tears in my eyes as I said, "Best friends for ever right?" Harry started to cry as he yelled and jumped around the room. "Finally I have my best friend back. I thought that I had lost you for ever Niall." I looked at him with a smile on my face and said, "Harry you will never lose me because you will always have me!"

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