When he last said "Good Bye" *Narry*

Niall and Harry where the best of friends. Then one day Niall had move away leaving Harry all alone. Harry and Niall swore they would never forget each other during this time. What happens when forgets the other? Will their friend ship survive and blossom into something else? Or Will they just be two passing boats? READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!!!


6. Lying to my friends?

Niall's pov:

It was my first day at my new school. My mom said that I would like it and that I used to live here. I don't really remember this place but I guess that's from my accident. My mom also told me about a boy named harry. She said that were best friends and even though I can't remember him I have to pretend I do. I wonder why?

I saw a boy with curly hair walking/ running towards me. I'm guessing that is my friend Harry. "Omg Niall your back! See I told you that we would see each other again!" I just smiled at him not having a clue in the world as to what he could be talking about. He hugged me again then grabbed my hand yanking me towards his table were his friends sat.

I started to panic now mom didn't tell me about theis people. Did I know them to? "Hey guys this is my old friend Niall. Niall this is Louis and that's Zayn and the mopey curly haired one over their is Liam." They all smiled and waved at me.

Louis walked up to me and started to lift my arms and look at my eyes. I think that at one point he sniffed me. "Um does he do this with every one?" I asked Harry giving him an uneasy laugh. "No he doesn't. Right Louis." "O yea sorry I was just making sure that I remember every detail of you." I smied at him and thought to my self. This is going to be a long day.

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