When he last said "Good Bye" *Narry*

Niall and Harry where the best of friends. Then one day Niall had move away leaving Harry all alone. Harry and Niall swore they would never forget each other during this time. What happens when forgets the other? Will their friend ship survive and blossom into something else? Or Will they just be two passing boats? READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!!!


8. He knows its not Niall?

Harry's pov:

Something's not right here. Niall has been acting strange lately. Niall has been unsure about a lot of stuff and he has also seemed really sad when ever I'm around but when I leave he's happy again. That I knew was meeting that Niall would never do. I pulled Zayn tot the side to talk to him about Niall. "Hey Zayn I have to talk to you about Niall."

Zayn was always my go to guy to talk to if I ever needed a friend when Niall left to go back to Ireland. "Yea sure Harry what's up?" I looked down not sure how to put this into words. "It's Niall. He's been acting strange around me lately. I don't what I should do about it." Zayn looked down a the ground and smiled.

"Harry you just have wait and see if the problem shows its self to you." I took what Zayn said to heart maybe he was right.

Niall's pov:

I could tell that Harry was starting to figure out that I wasn't the same any more and my mom made it clear that I couldn't let him find out. She said that if he found out that would be very bad like really bad.  I looked at the kid named Harry one last time before walking away. I heard Louis calling out to me but I just ignored him. Harry was right I'm not Niall and I am acting strange. Thats all because I don't know who he is. I'm tired of lying to Harry and and his friends and I'm tired of lying to my self.

I ran all the way back home. When I got home I didn't stop either. I kept on running until I was up stairs in my room where I could scream my lungs out for as long as I wanted to. Sadly my mom wasn't going to let me off the hook so easily. She came running up the stairs in a panic. "NIALL!!!! ARE  YOU HOME?!! NIALL!!! PLEASE ANSWER ME BABY!!! PLEASE!!!" I could tell that she was on the verge to tears. I guess the school called saying that I left early today and that they were very worried about me and my wear abouts.

I opened my bed room door letting my mom see that I was okay. She ran up to me tears flowing form her eyes now. I went on a limb and told her flat out. "I'm not going back to school mom. I'm not going to lye to Harry any more or my friends. I want Louis, Zayn, and Liam to like me for me. Who ever I used to be mom is gone. He's never coming back okay." She sat down with tears in her eyes now. "I under stand that Honey."

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