When he last said "Good Bye" *Narry*

Niall and Harry where the best of friends. Then one day Niall had move away leaving Harry all alone. Harry and Niall swore they would never forget each other during this time. What happens when forgets the other? Will their friend ship survive and blossom into something else? Or Will they just be two passing boats? READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!!!


2. Birthday gift

Harry's pov:

Today was Niall's birthday. I wanted to get him something special. I was searching around my room when I came across an old photo of me and Niall from 4th grade. I smiled at the thought of 4th grade. Now we were in 6 grade. We were big kids.

I just new that Niall was going to love this present he had to. I got in my coat and ran down stairs thinking that my mom would be mad at me for keeping her waiting. When I got in the car I was buckled in I place his present on my lap  with care not to brake it. "What are you going to give him Harry?" My mom asked taking a glance at the object in my lap. "Im going to give him a picture of us from 4th grade since we were so silly back then." I told my mom with a big smile on my face. My mom smiled at me and nodded her head saying, "Yes you two where very silly back then."


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