Harry Potter: A Twin at Stake

Harry Potter had finished his first encounter with Lord Voldemort, since he was a child. Then Professor Dumbledore explains that Harry doesn't have just his Uncle, Aunt and cousin as family. He has a twin as well. Harry's twin has been with him on every single of his adventures, which brings these twins together. But, when the Triwizard Tournament comes, to Harry's disgrace, his sister has been chosen to fight with him, putting them both in great danger. (These plots are mainly by J.K Rowling, I may have mixed the events a little. Also a special thanks to Herleen28 for th cover!)


28. Welcome Back

Harry and Scarlett got up late. Later than usual. They crept down the stairs, only to be congratulated for their adventure. The twins headed down for breakfast. While eating, the Jeremy Gordon, a friend of Scarlett's said, "Look!" Scarlett, Harry and Ron, whipped around to see bushy hair. Hermione.  

Hermione was smiling greatly. Scarlett felt a grin break through her face. Harry got up and Hermione hugged him and hesitantly, shook hands with Ron. "They're definitely going to get married." Scarlett thought. "Ooooh yeah." Harry's voice replied. Scarlett turned to look at her brother. He was grinning. 

Professor Dumbledore stood up and said, "Because of recent events, all EXAMS have been cancelled." 

"Yes!!!" Scarlett exclaimed loudly. It didn't really matter since most of the students were also cheering. All expect for Hermione. She looked very disappointed. 

"Also," Dumbledore continued, "Mr. Ronald Weasley, has sent an owl to get our Gamekeeper back." 

Just then, Hagrid came through the doors. "Sorry, I'm late," he said, "the owl with my release papers got all lost and confused. Some ruddy bird called Errol." Harry got up and hugged Hagrid, Scarlett, Ron, and Hermione following. 

"There's no Hogwarts without you Hagrid!" The twins said in unison. Suddenly, the teachers started clapping as did the rest of the school. 

Scarlett and Harry, hugged in the same exact spot as they did last year. "Steal some.of your stuff back, okay?" Scarlett told her brother, "Or you could just tell them that if they don't let you, I'll come over there, with Remus and hex them."

"You're a lot like dad, you know that?" Harry replied. Scarlett smiled with mischief. 

"Just keep in touch, okay?" She ordered tapping her right temple as she walked toward Remus. 

"Living with him now, aren't you?" Harry thought. 

"Yup." Scarlett replied. 

Harry left with the Dursleys, ready for another horrible summer. 

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