Harry Potter: A Twin at Stake

Harry Potter had finished his first encounter with Lord Voldemort, since he was a child. Then Professor Dumbledore explains that Harry doesn't have just his Uncle, Aunt and cousin as family. He has a twin as well. Harry's twin has been with him on every single of his adventures, which brings these twins together. But, when the Triwizard Tournament comes, to Harry's disgrace, his sister has been chosen to fight with him, putting them both in great danger. (These plots are mainly by J.K Rowling, I may have mixed the events a little. Also a special thanks to Herleen28 for th cover!)


9. The Last Straw

Hagrid gave Ron a bucket and said, "I guess we'll have ter wait. Who was Ron trying to curse anyway." "Malfoy he called Hermione a, "Scarlett replied, "You know, I'm not going to force myself to--"

 "He called me a mudblood!" Hermione said.

"HE DID NOT!" Hagrid bellowed.

"Don't worry Hagrid, I'll get him back for it." Scarlett said smiling.

"You have that mischievous, smile and glare of yer dad ye know that?" Hagrid replied.

"That's what Remus says." She replied. 

"Ye know Remus? He was really smart." Hagrid said then added "this is about Hermione!" 

"Right, sorry." Scarlett apologized. "See, Harry, there are people like Malfoy, who think that their the best people because their pureblood. But they can't think of a spell that Hermione can't do!" 

"Yer right Scarlett! Hermione don't let 'em Slytherians let you down." Hagrid replied. Ron finally stopped vomiting and they left. 

"Potters!" Called the familiar voice of Professor McGonagall. "Congratulations on making the Quidditch team!" She said. "We'll win this year for sure!" "Scarlett!" Called another voice. Scarlett turned around to see Zoey Bell, a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Nobody would have guessed that she was Katie Bell's little sister, who had black hair and brown eyes. 

"What's up Zoey?" Scarlett asked. "Malfoy." She replied dully. "What did that ungrateful brat do now?" Scarlet asked. 

"He started to sing while calling Hermione a you-know-what." "Okay, Harry and I will handle it." Scarlett replied. "What will you do?" Zoey asked. "Oh we'll just tell Professor Dumbledore. It would be a good way to stay out of trouble." Scarlett replied.

Harry rolled his eyes. "What's the fun in that?" He asked. Scarlett gave him a "shut up" look and he got the message and added. "Right were getting Malfoy back. Silly me!" "Well, okay bye then." Zoey replied and left.

"We should probably go to breakfast.". Ron said. "Probably," Hermione agreed." "We're bringing some mischief on after." Scarlett whispered in Harry's ear.  Harry nodded.

They went down to breakfast and Professor McGonagall came up and said "Potter, you will have detention with Professor Lockhart, Weasley you will have detention with Mr. Filtch. Your detentions start at 4:00pm." Then, she left. 

"You poor thing." Scarlett said. Then they sat down and ate. 


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