Harry Potter: A Twin at Stake

Harry Potter had finished his first encounter with Lord Voldemort, since he was a child. Then Professor Dumbledore explains that Harry doesn't have just his Uncle, Aunt and cousin as family. He has a twin as well. Harry's twin has been with him on every single of his adventures, which brings these twins together. But, when the Triwizard Tournament comes, to Harry's disgrace, his sister has been chosen to fight with him, putting them both in great danger. (These plots are mainly by J.K Rowling, I may have mixed the events a little. Also a special thanks to Herleen28 for th cover!)


11. The Bludger, Detention, and Hearing Voices

The first Quidditch match of the season was held on a gorgous afternoon. Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. The whole school was on the pitch to watch the intense rivalry. Harry and Scarlett paced the team's tent in seperate directions. George stared at Scarlett his eyes full of worry. Harry could put two and two together. He knew that George fancied Scarlett. 

"Alright everyone!" Wood called. "It's time!" The stands cheered as the Gryffindor team came onto the Quidditch field. The Slytherians cheered when the Slytherian team came onto the field. 

"I want a nice clean game. From ALL of you." Madam Hooch said as she mounted your broom. "Three two--" she threw the Quaffle up into the air and Scarlett caught it and went toward the Slytherian goals, dodging bludgers and Slytherians along the way. 

"The game has begun and Scarlett Potter Gryffindor's new Chaser has position of the Quaffle," Lee Jordan's voice rand throughout the field, "Flint comes after her, she amazingly dodges him comes toward the goal posts confusing the Keeper and SCORES! Gryffindor 10-0." Scarlett high fived George as she flew by. 

"Slytherian in position of the Quaffle, moving very fast, but wait Potter catches up too then and OUCH! Flint has just smacked Potter across the face!" Lee announced as Harry watched George's eyes narrowed while he looked for a bludger. 

"Madam Hooch is ah, discussing these matters with Flint. Right now she's asking Potter if she's able to play." Lee said. Harry caught a glimpse of his sister's face. Her nose was bleeding. Harry guessed that George saw this too because he looked harder for a bludger. 

"Potter is able to play and Zoey Bell, another new Chaser, also the younger sister of our own Katie Bell takes the penalty. Zoey makes the shot and Gryffindor is at 20 points." 

"Slytherian is in position of the Quaffle, Flint to be exact, dodging both Bells and Potter, going toward Wood, throws the Quaffle, and it's saved! Wood throws the ball toward Katie Bell, but, she's shoved aside by Pucey, and he ca- no!  The Quaffle was saved by Potter! She's been awesome this game! She bolts up the field, a bludger bolting towards her and George Weasley saves her, as he's just hit the bludger toward Slytherian's side. Potter, dodges Pucey and HEY! THAT WAS DIGUSTUING!" Lee shouted.

Harry stared in horror as he watched Scarlett being shoved so hard she almost fell of her broom, George caught her made sure she was okay then go red with anger and frustration. Then Harry saw who had shoved his twin. Malfoy. Harry knew that it was up to him, to catch the snitch, and to also show Malfoy that he doesn't mess with the Gryffindors. 

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" Madam Hooch shouted. "FLINT DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT TEACH THUS BOY THE RULES?" Flint told her that he did and she gave Gryffindor the penalty. 

"Well, Potter almost get thrown off her broom, George Weasley saves her-Thank God- and Madam Hooch gives Gryffindor the Quaffle, Katie Bell takes it this time and scores, and we are back to normal." Lee sounded calm but Harry could tell that he was holding it all in. All the anger and hatred. 

Harry caught a glimpse of gold. The snitch. "Finally!" Harry thought and rushed towards it and almost got hit by a bludger which knocked Wood over and sped its way toward Harry while he followed the snitch. 

Malfoy was soon close and they went where the snitch went, in this case, under the bleachers. Malfoy was ahead when Harry heard "Slytherian 30-20, FLINT HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO TRY TO KILL SCARLETT?!" Harry sped up and the bludger followed. Harry was about to pass Malfoy when Malfoy's broom hit a plank on the way out of the stands he fell of his broom and passed out cold. 

Harry reached out for the snitch and the bludger got a perfect hit on Harry's arm. Harry, switched arm and felt his hand closed  on the snitch. Then he fell over onto the ground. "Gryffindor's seeker, Harry Potter caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins!" 

Scarlett turned around to see her brother lying on the ground, clutching his arm. She flew over, dismounted her broom and ran toward Harry, her broom in her right hand. "Finite Incantatuim!" Hermione said the bludger that was about to kill him went with the other bludger. 

"Harry, I'm going to fix your arm!" Lockhart announced running toward Harry. "No, not you!" Harry protested. "The boy doesn't know what he's saying." Lockhart replied. "Oh yes he does!" Scarlett exclaimed "You're not Madam Promfery, you have no right to touch his arm!" "Lakita Amendo!" Lockhart said. Harry's arm went limp. He couldn't move it. "The bone is no longer broken."

"BROKEN?!" Scarlett screeched, "THERE'S NO BONE LEFT!" She was right. Harry moved his arm and there was nothing there. "Ah, we that can sometimes happen, my dear, it's sweet that you care for your boyfriend." Lockhart replied. "I'M HIS SISTER DID YOU NOT HEAR LEE JORDAN?!" Scarlett yelled. Lockhart went pale in the face. 

"You should have come strait to me!" Madam Promfery exclaimed, "I could have mended them in a minute! But growing them back?" "You will be able to won't you?" Hermione asked eagerly. "Yes but it will be painful!" Madam Promfery said while she handed Harry a potion. He spit it out. 

"What did you expect? Pumpkin juice?" Madam Promfery said. "Potter, Weasleys Granger you will have to leave. "Can you grab me Harry's invisibility cloak?" Scarlett asked Ron. "Yeah sure." Ron replied. Scarlett sighed, "That was the roughest first Quidditch game ever!" She exclaimed "I tried to break Flint's nose." George replied. Scarlett smiled. "I know George." She said. He looked away but she could still see him. Blushing.

"Potter!" Said a rough voice. Scarlett turned around to see a girl with red hair and red eyes. "You got lucky!" She said. "Who are you exactly?" Scarlett asked "Go away Greyheart!" George growled. "I only came here to see Fred, and maybe kill HER!" Greyheart replied. "You won't kill her." Fred said. "If you say so." Greyheart said sweetly. "Go away." Fred replied. "Tut, tut, your brother is influencing your decisions." Greyheart replied as she gave Scarlett and George a murderous look and left her hair turning brown behind her. 

"Who was that? I could tell she was a Slytherian and that she has a crush on Fred." Scarlett said. "That's Emily Greyheart. She's a Metamorphagus." Fred replied. Scarlett shook her head. "Its okay, if she want to kill you she'll have to go through me first." George announced.

"And why would you do that? You seem to have liked me all of a sudden." Scarlett raised an eyebrow. "Uh, Quidditch, you know, if your dead then we won't win the cup." George replied quickly. 

Scarlett stared at George for a few seconds, said "See you in the common room." then left with Ron and Hermione. Out of the corner of her eye, Scarlett saw Fred nudge George and say something like "Liar." She shrugged and put that image out of her mind. 

When the three got in the common room, Ron got Harry's invisibility cloak and gave to Scarlett. She thanked him, put it on and left he common room. 

She carefully walked to the Hospital Wing, were Harry was resting. Malfoy was also in there, groaning. Scarlett smiled. "Sucks to be you." She thought. She walked over and tried to stay out of Madam Promfery's way so she wouldn't be discovered. 

After a few hours Scarlett left went to the common room, put the cloak in her trunk then left for dinner.

"Where have you been?" George asked eagerly. "First, I went to the Olwery, then I went to the library." She replied, "Why do you care?" "You scared me half to death!" George replied. "I didn't know I meant that much to you George!" Scarlett said sarcastically as she sat down next to him, ready for an argument. "You don't get it!" George exclaimed. "You don't get how much people care about you!" "People?" Scarlett said seriously, "or you?" 

George opened his mouth, closed it and muttered "Fine, you win." Scarlett nodded and started to eat. 

After dinner Scarlett waited until everyone went to bed in the common room, before returning to the Hospital Wing. She again, waited for Madam Promfery to go to he office before she reviled herself.

"Kill Kill, KILL!" The same words made their way to Scarlett's ear before Harry woke up. The was a small crack and a house elf appeared at Harry's foot of his bed.

 "Harry Potter!" He said. "Dobby!" Harry whispered. "So that's Dobby!" Scarlett exclaimed. "Scarlett Potter, such an honor!" Dobby squeaked. "Harry Potter must go home sir!" Dobby pleaded turning back to Harry. "No, I must stay here it's my home!" Harry said.

There was a creak and Scarlett said "I got to go, see you tomorrow!" She put the cloak on and disappeared and Dobby disappeared also. Harry could just lay down and pretend to be sleeping.. While he saw Collin Creevey, a muggle born friend, be brought into the Hospital Wing.

"He's been petrified, we don't know what it was." Professor McGonagall told Madam Promfery. "I'll see if I can tell Professor Sprout about this."

Scarlett got back to the common room to George scowling. "I can't believe you." He said.

"What?" She asked.

"You know what." He replied.

"Do I?" She asked.

"Stop it. You know what and you know it, you went to the Hospital Wing and you not only scared me, you lied to me!"

"Honestly, this argument is pointless." Scarlett tried not to get upset.

"No it's not, you shouldn't be doing that!" George exclaimed.

"You shouldn't be stalking me." Scarlett said staring at his map.

"You shouldn't be in harm's way!"

"What I can't visit my brother? And since when have you been so overprotective George!" Scarlett started to get annoyed.

"Scar, you can't just do stuff like that!" George sounded worried.

"Why? You do it!" Scarlett softened up but then asked, "Since when did you call me Scar? I'm not a lion. And I'm not evil!"

"Haha, but seriously, I saw what you did to Malfoy, and he tried to kill you for it." George said. "What kind of map is that?" She asked. 

"Uh, it's just something Fred and I made up. Now go to bed." George replied.

"I never thought that I'd take orders from George Weasey." Scarlett smirked but it was more of a smile as she walks up the stairs.

George let put a sigh of relief and left the room to the boy's room, "At least she's safe for now." He thought. Scarlett made him feel like he should be the one protecting her or as Fred put it, he had a crush.

He went to his four-poster bed, closed the curtians, pulled the covers over his strong arms and tried not have nightmares of Scarlett getting hurt.

Scarlett woke up to screaming and shouting at like 4:30am. The screams came from the Boy's dormitory, she quickly ran in there and George was the one shouting. "No, NO! I won't let you! You CAN'T HURT HER!"

"George, GEORGE!" Scarlett yelled. George's eyes snapped awake and he grabbed Scarlett and pulled her into a tight hug. "Scarlett, it was horrible!" George whispered. "Shhhh, it was just a nightmares Georgie, your fine." Scarlett said in a soothing voice. "Its not me I'm worried about it's you!" He replied. Scarlett had a hard time taking this in. George, fancied her. He just admitted it.

"Wait did you call me Georgie?" George asked. "Yes Georgie I did." Scarlett said asked she pulled him downstairs and said "What happened?" "You don't want to know." He replied. "Please? The only way your going to get trough it is if you tell someone!" Scarlett was worried. 

"Fine, I saw you being tortured by Malfoy." George explained. "Oh, well that's not bad." Scarlett replied. "Well, I was in a cage so I couldn't help you and--" he swallowed. "He killed you, right in front of me!" Scarlett took his hand, led him to the sofa sat and let him wrap his arms around her into a hug. 

"Scarlett wake up." George whispered in her ear. She yawned and asked "What time is it?" "5:30, everyone's going to get up soon so I didn't want to make a scene." George replied. "Okay, I'm going to go get dressed, no falling asleep on me, I don't want to hear you screaming." Scarlett said. 

"Well I wouldn't be sleeping if I was getting dressed too." George replied. Scarlett rolled her eyes and walked upstairs to the girls dormitory. Luckily, no one was awake yet. Scarlett quickly got dressed and remembered breakfast was going on right now.

"I'm going to breakfast, you coming? Scarlett asked George. "Pfft yeah, my stomach woke me up for a reason!" George replied as they walked downstairs to the Great Hall and ate. 

At 6:30 Fred came in and sat right next to his twin. "So," Fred said, "I heard screaming and shouting and people walking--"  "Shut it Fred." Scarlett replied. 

"Someone's cranky." Fred said. "Hanging out with my brother are you?" "I said to shut it." Scarlett snapped.  Fred shrugged and started to eat. 

​At 6:45, Hermione and Ron came in. "I heard screaming and shoutingn then it all stopped." Ron said. "I didn't hear anything." Scarlett and George replied. 

"Well, I have detention with Filtch today." Ron said grumpy. "Harry has detention with Lockhart, don't get too mad." Scarlett said trying to raise everyone's spirits. The morning was grumpy until Harry got put of the Hospital Wing. "Detention with Lockhart." Harry sighed. 

"Let's hope that you don't have to answer questions about him or help with his "fan mail". " Scarlett added.

"That would be horrible." Ron replied. "Harry!" said a voice Harry was dreading to hear. Lockhart came and said, "You'll be answering my fan mail with me during detention. We'll have a blast!" He left.

"You had to say something didn't you Scar?" Harry said. "Shut up." She replied as they walked to Transfiguration. "Today, we will be turning our pets into water goblets." Professor McGonagall told the class.

"One, two, three Fera Verito." Her bird changed into a water goblet. "Mr.Weasley would you like to demonstrate?" "Sure, one, two three, Fera Verito. " Ron said, as Scabbers changed into a hairy water goblet with a tail.

"That wand needs replacing." Professor McGonagall told Ron. "Miss Potter, would you liken to demonstrate?" "Yes." Scarlett replied and said, "One, two, three, Fera Verito." Her owl, which she decided to name it Sirius, turned perfectly into a water goblet.

"Excellent, 10 points to Gryffindor." Professor McGonagall sounded proud. 

"Would you mind trying to change it back? The counter spell in one, two, three Cera Verito." "Sure, one, two, three, Cera, Verito." Sirius was back to normal. "Amazing, take another ten points."

After Transfiguration, Scarlett, Harry, Ron and Hermione left for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Lockhart had made Harry be the enemy in each of his books after his little incident. It took all of Scarlett's will power to not burst out laughing at her brother.

Sure it was cruel, but Harry being forced to be a werewolf was pathetic and she stated it after class. "It's not true Scarlett!" Hermione said. "Yes it is! You're only standing up for Lockhart because you aced his first test!" Ron exclaimed. Scarlett and Harry snorted. "Shut up!" Hermione blushed. 

"I'd better go to detention." Harry said. "Do I need to sneak you out?" Scarlett whispered because George was obviously eavesdropping. "Not when your boyfriend's always on top of you." Harry whispered back. Scarlett knowing he was talking about George, punched him.

"Ow!" Harry said. "That's what you get!" Scarlett replied. "I need to go to back to the common room." Hermione stated.

"Why??" Ron asked.

"Uh, homework? Duh." Scarlett replied.

"But dinner is in..." Ron was cut off by Scarlett.

"Like 3 hours away genius!"

"I'll leave you to argue." Harry said as he walked to Lockhart's office.

"Hello, Ronniekins, need girls by your side all the time?" The twins had appeared.

"Actually, he's just won the hearts of girls." Scarlett teased. Fred snorted.

"Ron, winning the hearts of two girls? That's funny."

"Why else would we be here?" Scarlett replied. "Because your brother is here." George said like it was obvious.

"I don't see him," Scarlett replied, "and at least he tells me how he feels about something." 

George tensed. He stared at her and smirked. "Some people have their reasons for keeping secrets Potter. 

"Understandable, Weasley." Scarlett snapped and she stormed off ready to kick herself for saying something to rude. 

Harry thought detention would stretch on for hours and hours. It probably did. He didn't hear a word Lockhart said because, well, what he said pretty much bored him to death. Then he heard voices. "Blood. I smell blood. Let me find you. Let me rip you. Let me tear you. Let me kill. Kill. Kill. KILL!" 

​-Scarlett at  the common room-

Scarlett had just cut her finger on a piece of parchment. "Bloody heck!" She whispered as she sucked on her finger. Then she heard words. "Blood. I smell blood. Let me find you. Let me rip you. Let me tear you. Let me kill. Kill. Kill. KILL!"  Scarlett jumped back in horror. Someone, rather, something smelled her blood. They wanted kill her.

"What's up Scarlett?" Hermione asked. "Didn't you hear that?" Scarlett replied. "What?" "Those voices." Scarlett said. "There weren't any voices." Ron replied. "Who was talking?" "I don't know, but I'm sure Harry heard those voices too." Scarlett replied as she ran through the portrait hole. "Scarlett!" Hermione called. "We'll talk to Harry later! It's time for dinner!"

Scarlett looked at the clock. Hermione was right. "Alright, let's go." Scarlett replied and they went to dinner. 

-Harry at Lockhart's Office-

 "What?" Harry asked. "Sorry?" Lockhart replied. "Those voices." Harry replied. Lockhart didn't reply. After a couple minutes the voice came back. "Don't you hear those voices?" Harry asked. "Voices? Harry, I think your getting drowsy." Lockhart said looking at his clock. "Great Scott! Look at the time! You been here nearly four hours! Yes Harry, you may leave!"

Harry left and immediately, looked for Scarlett. But, Scarlett found him first. "Harry, did you--" she stoped at the sound of that strange voice.

"Kill, Kill, kill..."

"It's going to kill." Scarlett and Harry said in unison. They took off down the halls leaving Hermione and  Ron asking "What?" While they tried to follow. Scarlett and Harry, ended up at a flooded corridor, were they found a message in red; "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the Heir beware." Right next to the message, was Mr. Filtch's cat, Mrs. Norris, was hanging by her tail. She was completely frozen.  




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