Harry Potter: A Twin at Stake

Harry Potter had finished his first encounter with Lord Voldemort, since he was a child. Then Professor Dumbledore explains that Harry doesn't have just his Uncle, Aunt and cousin as family. He has a twin as well. Harry's twin has been with him on every single of his adventures, which brings these twins together. But, when the Triwizard Tournament comes, to Harry's disgrace, his sister has been chosen to fight with him, putting them both in great danger. (These plots are mainly by J.K Rowling, I may have mixed the events a little. Also a special thanks to Herleen28 for th cover!)


17. Polyjuice Potion

Two weeks flew by and before anyone realized it, the Polyjuice Potion was ready. On a Saturday, when the group had no classes,  Harry, Ron, Hermione and Scarlett met in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. 

"Got the hairs boys?" Hermione asked. 

The boys and Scarlett grinned to each other. Scarlett had put a sleeping draught into Crabbe and Goyle's favourite desserts and levitated them outside the Great Hall. The two thick-headed Slytherins had immediately eaten them and fell asleep instantly. Harry and Ron helped Scarlett hide the boys in a broom cupboard and take some of their hairs.

"All set Hermione." Scarlett said. She watched as Hermione separated the potion into three cups. The Potion was a hideous green colour and smelt like rotting garbage.

"Now, add the hairs." Hermione said. She, Harry and Ron each added their hairs to their own cup and watched the Polyjuice Potion start to bubble. 

"Bottoms up ladies and gentleman!" Scarlett said with a grin. 

As the boys and Hermione drank the potion, they dropped their glasses. Hermione and Ron ran into different stalls. Harry however, stood there and stared at himself in the mirror as he turned into Goyle. 

Soon, he was as Goyle as can be. Scarlett's face was in between shock and pride. 

"I have trained you well." She said, grinning.

"'Trained me well,'" Harry asked "what's that supposed to mean?" 

"I have trained you to break the rules well." Scarlett explained. 

Harry looked at her as Hagrid's words of something he once told him in his first year flowed through his brain. 

"Scarlett Scott? Mischievous that 'un. A lot like ye dad though, your probably not related..." Hagrid had said that last bit a little too quickly. Harry just realized that Hagrid knew that he and Scarlett were twins. 

"Yeah, guess you're rubbing off on me!" Harry replied quickly.

Crabbe walked out of the stall that Ron had ran into a few moments before.

"H-Harry?" Ron/Crabbe said. 

"Yeah it's me." Harry replied.

"Hmmm you're not quite ready yet." Scarlett said looking over the pair of them, "Ron, Crabbe walks more like a gorilla, try hunching your back more..ahh perfect! And Harry, Goyle doesn't need glasses, you'd better take them off!" 

"Hermione! Time to go!" Scarlett called over to Hermione's stall.

"I-I'm not going. You go without me." Came Hermione's timid reply. 

"But Hermione-"

"Just go! You're wasting time!" Hermione called out. 

Scarlett looked at Ron and Harry, shrugged and said, "You'd better go." 

"What are you going to do?" Ron asked. 

"I'm going to spend the rest of the hour with Abby Gardner." Scarlett replied. 

"Who?" Harry asked. 

Scarlett rolled her eyes. 

"You know the Ravenclaw girl I hung out with last year?" 

"Yeah." Ron said. 

"That's Abby, she's a muggle born too." Scarlett said. 

"Now go get that confession out of Malfoy!" Hermione yelled. 

As they left Myrtle's Bathroom, they separated ways. Scarlett left toward the library and Ron and Harry were left alone. Until...

"Crabbe! Goyle! Pigging out in the Great Hall all this time?" The boys turned around to see Malfoy and nodded.  

"Let's go back to the common room." Malfoy sighed as he led them to the common room, said "Pureblood." and walked in. Harry and Ron had no choice but to follow. 



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