Harry Potter: A Twin at Stake

Harry Potter had finished his first encounter with Lord Voldemort, since he was a child. Then Professor Dumbledore explains that Harry doesn't have just his Uncle, Aunt and cousin as family. He has a twin as well. Harry's twin has been with him on every single of his adventures, which brings these twins together. But, when the Triwizard Tournament comes, to Harry's disgrace, his sister has been chosen to fight with him, putting them both in great danger. (These plots are mainly by J.K Rowling, I may have mixed the events a little. Also a special thanks to Herleen28 for th cover!)


5. Diagon Alley...No, Knockturn Alley

After breakfast Mrs. Weasley told everyone to get their robes on and meet at the fire place. They all did as they were told. "Alright everyone, we'll be traveling bye floo powder as usual, now Harry you first!"

"Mum, Harry traveled underground last year." Ron said. "Oh, well Ron show him how it's done. Ron grabbed some powder stepped into the fireplace like Scarlet and said "Diagon Alley!" Then he disappeared in flames.

"See it's quit easy, and don't forget to speak extremely clear!" Mrs. Weasley said as she gave Harry the powder. Harry went into the chimney and choked "Digon Alley!" Harry moved from the Weasley chimney and into a different one.

Luckily he was in a different room. He had just heard the voice of his arch enemy, Draco Malfoy. "I told you father, I will make the Quidditch team on my own!" "You want to beat Harry Potter this year? You will do what I say!" Mr. Malfoy (Harry's guess of who it is) yelled. "Now come," he said, "we must go to Flourish and Botts." And they left. Harry walked down the stairs and exited the strange store.

The outide was just as horrible as the inside. Witches and wizards wearing black clothing had looked at him with hatred. "Not lost are my dear?" A creepy witch asked. "No I'm fine." Harry started to walk away but the others cornered him, "We'll help you find your way back." "HARRY?" said a rough voice. "Hagrid!" Harry said. "What do you think your doing here come'n." Hagrid led Harry to Diagon Alley and found Scarlett there. "In Knockturn Alley? Lucky. I've always wanted to fight those people, not that I don't fight with Malfoy..." she trailed off. "Scarlett can you---" Hagrid was cut off by Hermione.

"Harry, Hagrid!" She said. "Hello Hermione!" Harry said. He couldn't really see right, he'd just realized his glasses were cracked. "Onculas Repero." Hermione said. "I really need to remember that one. "We have to go to Flourish and Botts." Hermione said. "Right." Scarlet replied and together they walked to the store. As soon as they walked in Scarlet groaned. "What?" Harry asked. "Lockhart." She said with disapproval. Then Harry saw what she was looking at. A man with blonde hair and a big smile. He could see where Scarlett's disapproval came from. 

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