1. chapter1

~I looked behind, to see the same guy following me. He was tall with black hair styled into a quiff, he had brown eyes and tan skin, he was wearing a grey and blue jumper with a pair of tan coloured jeans. I kept walking down the street towards the school gates, he's probably just heading to school, I thought to myself, and kept walking.

It was the first day back at school and my first class was art. I walked into the class and sat right up in the back corner in my usual seat. The seats all up the front had been taken, and I knew that no one would want to sit next to me I was a nobody. I was right in the middle of a day dream when the same guy with the black hair sat down next to me. “Hi I’m Zayn” he said to me. I looked at him strangely, why would a guy like him want to sit next to a girl like me?. “Hi” I said weirdly “I'm Alexis or Alex” I said more normally, “i know” he said, then turned to face the front. I was confused, how would he know my name?.

The bell rang and we were excused from class I walked over to my locker to find Zayn standing next to it. Not only was he following me he was now talking to me as well. “What are you doing here?” I asked, “ waiting for you” he replied. I gave him a weak smile "have you been following me?" I asked him nervously. he just stood there thinking of what to say "I might have been" he said cheekily I giggled "hey... do you want to come to mine tonight me and some friends are having this party for an old friends 21st.." he asked me nervously "sure" I said without thinking he looked up at me and smiled. he had really nice teeth.  


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