5. Chapter 5

on the way to the beach Zayn stopped passed my house so I could run in and chuck on my bathers and grab a towel. I walked inside to see my brother in the kitchen making my father a coffee "hey bro" I yelled "sup sis" we laughed. dad just looked at us both like we were idiots. "going to the beach just grabbing my bathers and a towel" I said walking upstairs to get my bathers on. I walked into my room and chucked on my bikini then chucked a top and shorts over the top. I walked downstairs and grabbed a towel out of the cupboard. "c'ya" I yelled before leaving and running back out to the car. I hopped in the car with the rest o the guys and we drove off towards the beach

when we got there the boys grabbed down their surf boards and walked them down to the beach, I followed them down to the beach and we found a spot to put all our stuff. Louis and Liam grabbed their surfboards and ran down to the water where as harry Niall Zayn and I walked down towards the water. harry and Niall were already in the water when I suddenly felt Zayn pick me up and put me onto his surf board. I looked confused "I cant surf" I told him "you don't have to know how to surf" he said hopping on behind me and we both paddled out towards a small island further out. when we got to shallower water Zayn tipped the board and we both fell into the water I grabbed Zayns hand and he pulled me up he looked at me. he looked really hot in the sun. he was about to grab the board when I grabbed him and pulled him closer, we suddenly kissed. I smiled into the kiss and so did Zayn "want to go out again tomorrow babe?" he asked, I laughed "sure" I said letting him help me up onto the island as we watched the boys ride the waves .


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