4. chapter 4

***Zayn's pov***

She passed out in my arms, someone must have spiked her drink. "Whoa is she okay?" Niall asked me " I think someone spiked her drink" I told Niall. Niall told the other boys and they helped me take her upstairs and put her in Niall's bed " I should stay here with her in case something goes wrong" I said, the boys agreed and left the room shutting the door behind them. I laid down next to her snuggling into her back, she was so warm and beautiful. I stared at the ceiling listening to her heart beat when eventually I fell  asleep.  

***Alex's pov***

I woke up to Zayn's warm body snuggled into my back. I could hear his heart beat as he was sleeping. He was so cute when he was asleep. I had a small headache from last night and decided to get myself a glass of water. I slowly crept out of Zayn's arms and out of the door tring not to wake him. I walked down the stairs, the place was deserted. I searched through the kitchen for a glass when I heard someone coming into the kitchen. it was Niall. "Morning love" he said "morning" I replied "feeling alright this morning you were out cold last night someone spiked your drink" "what I had no idea but that would probably explain the headache" I said , niall laughed at my comment and grabbed a glass out from the top cupboard, filled it with water then passed it to me " thanks" I said taking a sip then giving him a hug. " do you have the time?" I asked niall, he looked down at his wrist " its 8:34" he said smiling when he told me " "Breakfast time" he said "I will make it" I offered " I will help" he said and we searched through the kitchen looking for something to make breakfast with.

as soon as we had finished making breakfast we heard loud footsteps running down the stairs. I could hear Louis and Harry having a race to the kitchen to see who could get to their breakfast first. they both came rushing in and plonked their selves down at the table looking down at the pancakes me and niall had made. I then heard zayns footsteps and he came into the kitchen with a smile on his face looking straight at me I smiled back and straight after him liam came in topless I stared at his body it was pretty. he looked up at me and I quickly turned away. I heard him laugh and I realised that he knew what I was looking at. we all sat down and ate our breakfast. suddenly my phone went off. it was my brother. "Hello Jake" I said to him "where are you?.. are you okay?" he asked me worryingly "yeah I'm fine I'm just staying with some friends"  I answered "okay but if you are going out today ,make sure to come home and grab a spare change of clothes" he said and hung up the phone. I sat back down at the table with the other boys and finished off my breakfast. "so babe what do you want to do today?" Zayn asked me "hmmm" I said thinking. "I want to go to the beach anyone else want to come?" Liam asked "sure" I said and the rest of the boys agreed to come as well.


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