3. chapter 3

Zayn led me up the stairs and into the upstairs lounge where a group of boys were sitting and chatting "Vas Happnin boys??" Zayn yelled behind them "ZAYN!!" they all yelled and all came running up and hugged him. I felt awkward. "I wasn't sure you were going to come we hadn't seen you for ages" said the one with the white and blue stripped t-shirt. "this is Alex" Zayn said introducing me again " Alex this is Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall " he said "HIII ALEX!" Louis yelled giving me a rather large hug, "hello" I said laughing. he smiled and pulled back from the hug. "Harry" said the one with the dark curly hair and the amazing green eyes, winking at me as he told me his name, I smiled back. next was the blond boy, he gave me a very tight hug "Niall" he whispered in my ear. I felt shivers down my spine at his attractive Irish accent. he smiled knowing that his accent affected me. " hi I'm Liam" said the tall muscly one, I could see his abbs through his white V necked shirt. we all sat down and talked for a while until we all decided to go back down to the party and get some drinks.

When we reached the party we all grabbed a drink and all went our separate ways, Niall, Zayn and I stayed in the lounge chatting while Liam went into the kitchen and Louis and harry went out the back to the pool area for a midnight dip.

it had been about an hour since we had seen Harry, Louis and Liam, and Niall was getting concerned. "I'm going to go check if Louis and harry are still in the pool" he told Zayn and I and he left towards the back door. I noticed when Niall left that Zayn had his arm wrapped around me and I was snuggled into his chest listening to his heart beat. I looked up at him to find him staring down at me with his mysterious brown eyes and his perfect jaw line. he was perfect. I could feel both of us leaning in towards each other as we were just about to kiss I felt a wet body fall onto us. "hello again, hope I'm not interrupting anything" Louis said cheekily and hugged me pulling back and dragging Niall and harry into the kitchen to find Liam, zayn and I followed.

"want another drink?" Zayn asked me "yes please" I replied. He poured me a cup and put it on the table before being distracted by the blond guy named Drew. I was listening to there conversation about wether or not Drew should hook up with this chick he was into. When they finally agreed on an answer zayn handed me the drink and I took a sip smiling at him "thanks" I said and placed the drink back on the table. suddenly I felt really dizzy, zayn caught me as I fell "you okay babe?" he asked "I feel really dizzy" I managed to say before I passed out.

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