2. chapter 2

It was about an hour until Zayn would come to pick me up for the party I had already had a shower and was dressed in my black high wasted shorts and a white top and I was still applying my makeup when my brother walked in. "where are you going?.. its Friday we usually have a family movie night". he grinned knowing that we all hated Friday movie nights. "sorry cant come tonight going to a party" I said cheekily he laughed "be safe and use protection" he said laughing "JAKE!!" I yelled "THATS GROSS" he laughed even more before leaving the room.

I was looking through my phone when I heard a car pull up in front of the house. I quickly ran downstairs and out into the front yard hoping no one had seen zayn pull up in front of the house. I hopped into the passenger seat of the white BMW and buckled my seatbelt "wow" I heard zayn say quietly to himself "what?" I asked him "oh nothing" he said looking into my blue eyes. I looked away and he started to drive off down the street.

we pulled up to a path where zayn parked the car "is this party in the woods?" I asked joking around "well you could say that" he replied. we walked down the path towards a large house surrounded by trees, drunk teenagers and loud music. we came to the front door and walked inside to be greeted by a few girls and guys I felt akward and out of place. "this is alex" zayn introduced me to a group of people " Alex this is Jordan, tommy, jess, aria and drew" he said they all smiled and said hi. " Drew ya know where lou is?" Zayn asked with his sexy brittish accent "um yeah hes with the gang upstairs" drew answered zayn grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs.

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