my brother ( a harry styles fan fiction )

Hi I'm cindy walker . I live in a orphange in Bradford England. Everyone says I'm diffrent because I'm quiet . I love art and I did have a brother but he left when I was little to our dads and I never saw him again. But one day 5 guys come in and adopted me. Who are they and why does the curly haired boy look so familiar.


5. The Surprise Visit

"Cindy um.. Did you sleep well?" Harry asked rubbing the back of his neck. "Yes, now don't try to change the subject. What were you guys talking about?" I asked crossing my arms. Niall smiled and nudged Harry who glared. "I'll give you some privacy" Niall said smirking as he walked out of the room. I felt my eyebrow lift as I gave a confused look at Harry. "Um.. Cindy.. well you see.. There has been this girl I have been seeing. She is really great and all of the guys like her. Well you see she is coming over today to meet you" Harry smiled. I gave a shrug knowing that wasn't all of it. "Ok, who is she?"I asked."Her name is Francine Hommins and I want you to treat her with respect" Harry finished with a stern glance. I rolled my eyes and smirked. "And what was Niall talking about, something about it being just a game" I asked which made him instantly face palm. "We might have gotten drunk one time, but we didn't do anything" He quickly added. I snickered and walked out of the room while he ran after saying "it's true". I made my way into the kitchen where Liam was cooking and Niall kept asking when the food would be done. "Here in a second. Now go make yourself useful and make the table" Liam said handing Niall a bunch of napkins and silverware. Niall groaned and walked out mumbling under his breath. "Hey Liam, Whatcha cooking?" I asked startling him. "Oh just some pancakes, bacon, grits, eggs, biscuits, Crescent rolls, hash browns, yogurt, toast, cinnamon buns, liver mush, just the usual" Liam said extremely fast as I starred in shock. "why so much food for four guys and a girl!?!" I asked in total shock. "Well Niall eats a lot. I mean he could eat a horse, literally, and then the rest is for us" He shrugged. "I think I just want a banana" I said picking one up. "What?" Liam asked in surprise and disappointment. "Sorry I'm not a big morning eater, but I'm sure Niall can eat for me" I smiled and walked out of the room.

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