my brother ( a harry styles fan fiction )

Hi I'm cindy walker . I live in a orphange in Bradford England. Everyone says I'm diffrent because I'm quiet . I love art and I did have a brother but he left when I was little to our dads and I never saw him again. But one day 5 guys come in and adopted me. Who are they and why does the curly haired boy look so familiar.


4. the morning

I woke up to the smell of pancakes.I slowly stretched out and got out of bed.I went walking down the stairs and stopped when i heard voices."Come on she is living with us,she will find out sooner or later"I heard a thick irish voice say and knew it was Niall."No she will think were creeps or something"I heard and knew it was Harry."It's just a game"I heard someone mumble under there breath but,couldn't tell who.I dont' like ease dropping but right now i knew they were taking about something good.I couldn't take it anymore,i needed to know what they were talking about.I walked out where they could see me and they stopped talking instintly.

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