my brother ( a harry styles fan fiction )

Hi I'm cindy walker . I live in a orphange in Bradford England. Everyone says I'm diffrent because I'm quiet . I love art and I did have a brother but he left when I was little to our dads and I never saw him again. But one day 5 guys come in and adopted me. Who are they and why does the curly haired boy look so familiar.


2. The house

I woke up when somebody nudged my arm.I got out and looked at the house and it was so beautiful."Wow"I said and Harry snickered then said"come inside".I grabbed my bag and walked in.It was HUGE, i mean huge i saw seven rooms upstairs and a living room and a kitchen."Here is where you will be staying"Niall said as we walked into a room and i smiled. He walked out and closed the door.The first thing i pulled out of my bag was a picture of my mom.I sat down on the bed and then hugged the picture."She would be pproud of you"I whispered then set it down on the night stand trying to hold back the tears.I started to put my stuff away when i heard a voice say"need help".I spun around to see Harry in the doorway and jumped a little."Um...sure yeah"I said putting my clothes away."Hey we were going to go out would you like to come"He asked and scratched his neck.I giggled then said"Sure".(20 minutes later)-I was wearing really short shorts and a low cut green neon shirt and a black pair of high heels."I'm ready"I said as i came down the stairs.They looked up and Zayn and Niall whistled."No your not wearing that"Harry snapped."Just because you adopted me doesn't mean you can control what i where"I snapped back."We can do this the easy way which is to go change or the hard way which is i will change you myself"He said.I crossed my arms then said"Bring it"and all the guys got quiet."Hard way it is"He sighed and he walked up to me and through me over his shoulder and started walking to my room."PUT ME DOWN"I yelled and he just laughed.Once we got to my room he through me onto the bed and took off my shirt and then went through my clothes to find another one and he also did that with the shorts to.Now i was wearing a shirt that said love on it and long pants with boots.I growled at him when we got to the car.I sat in the back beside  Liam and Louis."Hey i think Harry likes you"Liam whispered."Really how do you know"I whispered back."Because he's never done that before"HE said and smiled and that made me think did he?

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