my brother ( a harry styles fan fiction )

Hi I'm cindy walker . I live in a orphange in Bradford England. Everyone says I'm diffrent because I'm quiet . I love art and I did have a brother but he left when I was little to our dads and I never saw him again. But one day 5 guys come in and adopted me. Who are they and why does the curly haired boy look so familiar.


1. adopted

I woke up and saw my clock.It was 12pm and i guess i slept through my alarm.ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower and blow dried my wavey brown hair then put on a white tank top and a pair of black pants and a pair of boots.Before i left my room i grabbed my leather jacket and Ipod and then left.When i walked into the class everyone starred at me.Yes,we have a class in the adoption center.I sat down in my seat and began listening to music.Like,15 minutes later a short,plump woman i never seen before walked up to me.I quickly turned off my music and she said"I need you to come with me".I got up and could here whispering and then followed her out of the room.We went into a room and i saw five guys sitting in there."I'm not going to show them around if thats what..."I said but she cut me off."These nice boys want to adopt you"She said with a huge grin.I looked at her and then to them in my confused look then i thought of how some girl that hates me in my class,i think her name was Emily pulled a prank on me.She hired this couple to pretend to adopt me and then we were only five blocks away they dropped me off and i had to walk all the way back,in the rain."Can i talk to you"I said looking at the woman.She nodded and we walked outside of the room.I told her about the prank and how i don't want it happening again and she said that it wasn't a prank and that they really want me.We walked back into the room and then she gave them paper work and told me to go pack  my stuff so i did.When i walked into my room i started to see memories of how i first got here.It started to hurt to see the memorie of how i cried every night."Good bye mom"Isaid after packing and left the room.They put my stuff in the back of the van.I climbed in the passenger seat while they got in the back.The boy with brown hair that covered one of his eyes got into the driver's seat and when we wre all in we drove off.I put my headphones in my ear when we hit the highway and then drifted into a deep sleep.

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