The names Max

"The names Max"
"I'm Jack"
Follow Max on his journey to Camp Half-Blood and through the ups an downs of being a teenage child of a Greek god.


3. Their Breakup.

When I woke back up a bunch of the Hermes kids were talking about how I flipped when they said Nico had a girlfriend.

"Are you like gay of something?" One of them asked.

"Um yes I actually am." I told them then got up and walked out.

I was just walking around trying to calm down when I saw Nico and his girlfriend.

"No more excuses Lauren! I'm sick of it! I see you spending all your free time with Jessy it's over! Go be with him!" I herd Nico yelling.

Then in a weird flash of darkness he was gone. I blinked once to make sure I wasn't just seeing things but when I opened my eyes Lauren was gone too. I did see her a little later hanging out with a boy I guess was Jessy.

I kept walking and I was just walking near the forest when I herd Nico mumbling to himself.

"She never really liked me. No one ever does."

I interrupted him.

"Hi uh Nico I'm the new guy, Max."

He looked up at me and stope talking.

"I couldn't help but here you saying no one likes you." I said. "I'm sure that's not true, you seem likable" I was trying to keep my cool.

"Well no one wants to like the only guy who likes guys. You know. I'm bisexual and the only male son of Hades..."

I just stared. He wasn't straight. I still had a chance.

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