The names Max

"The names Max"
"I'm Jack"
Follow Max on his journey to Camp Half-Blood and through the ups an downs of being a teenage child of a Greek god.


2. That's Nico

"Home?!" I yelled "Homes back on Chicago with my dad!"

"Just shut up come on." Jack said graving my arm and running towards a blue building.

We walked in and there were a few sets of stairs up and down. Jack kept going forward though. He stopped right in front on the door at the end of the hall. He knocked once and said,

"Chiron I have a new camper"

Soon enough the door swung open almost hitting in the face. A man in a wheels chair came out and looked at me. He seemed like he was looking for potential in me. I looked into the room behind him and saw a wall of pictures. Most of the people I recognized from my dad teaching me all about Greek mythology except for one that seemed to be the newest. All the others were famous Half bloods of the Greek gods, who I always kind of beloved in. The last one though was strangely familiar. I tried to read the name on the plaque but all I saw was "YRCEP CSOKNJA"

I shrugged it off ad followed the man out side.

"Max what I'm about to do May alarm you but don't fret I won't harm you." Just then the mans wheel chair seemed to disappear and he seemed to grow a horses body.

"A centaur.... Chiron... I knew they were real!" I almost flipped out.

"Well I see your parent has given you some knowledge of Greek Mythology." He said.

Chiron told me how I was a child of one of the Olympian gods and I nearly fainted. I finally gained enough courage to ask who and he told me he didn't know. Jack showed me to the Hermes cabin where I would stay I until I was claimed. I walked in and was greeted by a bunch of groans a sighs. The cabins leaders, two brothers Connor and Travis, walked up and showed me to an empty bed where I could stay. As I looked around I saw that almost everyone in there looked alike. There were a few though that looked different some even so much it stood out like a grass stain on white.

We had to go to dinner that night and I noticed how big the pavilion had to be to fit every camper. The thing that stood out most to me was the three boys sitting at tables by themselves or with only one other, a Saytr. Oh I forgot to mention it turned out that Jack was my Saytr that brought me to camp. The boys, as I had been informed by Travis, were the three gulden of he main gods. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, each had only one child at camp. One of the boys really caught my eye. He wasn't what every girl looks for, much less what a guy looks for, but I was attracted to him.

"That's Nico." Connor said"

"you should see him with his girlfriend they argue so much I don't know how they stay together" Travis added.

My heart sank. He was straight. Just when I though maybe i found someone almost exactly like me, I hadn't. I stood up from the table and walked back to my spot in the cabin and went to sleep.

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