The names Max

"The names Max"
"I'm Jack"
Follow Max on his journey to Camp Half-Blood and through the ups an downs of being a teenage child of a Greek god.


4. New Cabin

"Trust me Nico I know how you feel I'm gay and I never fit in at my old schools. People were either scared of me or the complete opposite. I ended up accidentally murdering my lab parter because some freak explosion happened. I mean the two chemicals shouldn't than even reacted! I would never mess that up I know my chemicals!"

Anyway I basically poorer that in him and he slowly walked over to me and hugged me.

"Uh Nico..."

"Just shut up Max you killed your lab partner in a freak accident and my father probably doesn't even care."

"I always had kind of liked him too, before he died I mean."

Nico started to like do this summoning thing and then I saw it.

Andrews ghost.

I autarky stumbled back and fell.

"Is that him?" Nico asked.

"Y-yea that's him"

"well I can see why you liked him" Nico let out a small laugh.

Then it was gone and it was Nico and I alone again.

"So I uh, I'm still like not used to this place yet." I started to explain.

"Max... Your being claimed!"

"I what?"

"Were finding out who your actual godly parent is!" He garbed my hand and the next thing I knew we were at Chirons office.

"Well it seems his parent is Athena." Chiron said. "let him move in to that cabin."

Nico grabbed my hand again and I swear he was going to do that teleport thing again but he just turned and pulled me to the Hermes cabin.

We walked in and I grabbed my few things avoiding every kid that was there. Nico then showed me to my new cabin.

"this is your home now Max. Camp Half Blood Athena Cabin." He looked at me then around the room.

The one side was basically were everyone slept. The rest was basically a giant version of his fathers study. He smiled and though to him self about what life here must be like.

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