The names Max

"The names Max"
"I'm Jack"
Follow Max on his journey to Camp Half-Blood and through the ups an downs of being a teenage child of a Greek god.


1. Home

Walking into school on my first day was always my least favorite thing. Especially when I knew how soon I would be kicked out.

You see where ever I go to school some tragic accident happens normally involving me. This time I was determined to not let that happen.

So as usual I walked into class and had to introduce myself. "the names Max" I stated blankly.

The teacher had me sit down next to this other kid who had to use like crutches. He seemed pretty much normal apart from his walking disorder.

"I'm Jack." He said to me.

After a few days if sitting with him I kind of became friends with the kid, an before long he was the first real friend id had in a long time.

See no one really liked me because apart from my Dyslexia and ADHD I had to be gay. I mean for get me wrong I'm not saying being gay is bad but it's just another thing for kids to bother me about.

On my last day at the school I though I was going to die. Literally. All every kid saw was this cute little poodle brought in for an assembly but what I saw... A huge black dog. I guess tahrs what Jack saw too because he grabbed my arm and pulled me out to my locker.

"Get your stuff. Everything you want at least. Leave your electronics though. We need to go see your Dad." He told me.

"But wha-" he cut me off

"Just hurry!"

As he said the last word the "poodle" ran down the hall towards us. I slammed my locker shut and we ran. I never knew Jack could run because of his walking problem but the kid ran like it was in his blood. We didn't stop running until we reached my apartment and went in. My dad was in his study working and reading at the same time.

"Mr. Parker." Jack said "Max needs to come to camp now, it's time"

"It is? Already I though he still had a few more years up his sleeve but okay, just stop by once In a while okay Max?"

"But...I...what?" I started but Jack grabbed my arm and we were off again.

He finally stop dragging me around when we got to the nearest taxi stop. He whistled really loudly and then a rusty old cab pulled up.

"New York City, camp ladies and I've got extra drachmas today" Jack said

I was still panting from trying to keep up but I managed a few words. "New York City? From Chicago?"

But almost as if by magic the three ladies in the front drove off. It didn't bother me much that there were three of them just that they were driving like they couldn't see. The one hit this button and I swear we were traveling at the speed of light.

We finally stopped and Jack paid them with old gold coins. We walked up the hill and he leaned against the Pine tree.

"Welcome home Max."

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