Harry's had this massive crush on famous British actress, Priya Winters (17). When he finally gets the chance to meet her, he thinks he's in love. He's been talking with Emma Watson, a good friend of his and Priya's, also her co-star for her current movie. Emma invites Harry to come to their premiere, maybe even get to talk to Priya. Priya and Sophia (other co-star/best friend) are getting ready to go their premiere. Little did they know that tonight wasn't an ordinary night. Harry and Priya get talking and btecome good friends, but what Priya doesn't know is that Harry has got very strong feelings towards her and doesn't want to remain "just friends".

(first book *no hate please*)


4. chapter 3

1 hour later (4:00)

We'd been sitting here in Sophia's room for a good hour now, patiently waiting upon Rosie, Steph, Maddie and Jenn to arrive.

Sophia's bedroom: *picture posted on side*

Rosie is my personal assistant as well as makeup artist and is rather young I'd say. I'd like to say she's only about 7 years older than myself. Rosie is honestly such a nice person, she's kind-hearted, friendly, shy once you get to know her but won't shut up once you do. She helps me with anything and everything. I didn't consider her as my assistant and makeup artist but most definitely as a good and close friend of mine. Rosie's been working for me for 6 years including this one.

Stephnie Scott, Steph for short, if you hadn't already guessed is my manager. She's a lovely person and she's nice and all but once you get to buisness and my image and everything, she goes from being smiles and laughter to dead seriousness. Don't get me wrong, she's helped me with so much throughout my life and I am truly grateful for her.

You're probably wondering are Maddy and Jenn. Well let me tell you. Madison (Maddy) is Sophia's personal stylist and assisant, she's around the same age as Rosie, they came in at the same time applying for the job. Coincidentally, they both ended up getting hired and quite good friends and get along well. Jennifer Williams, Sophia's manger. She's just like a another Steph, except her temper is way worse.

She once got so mad she threw her threw a trantrum because her house wasn't as clean as it always is. I mean she grew up in an organized environment and all, I get that. But she threw a freaking fit over it and held a grudge on her poor husband for a week! Soph pitied the man, as did I. But what are you gonna do, some people are just way OCD extreme. No I'm just kidding.

Moving foward , thats who they are.

Emma was seated in the couch throwing a ball for cotton to get repeatedly and softly stroking cuddles' fur.

Soph was busy doin something in her phone, and i was just here scrolling through twitter.

@Zaynmalik: "feels good to be back in London"

@NiallOfficial: "oh how I've missed this place, psyched that we're back London!!"

@Harrystyles: "it's been a long day, but it feels amazing to be back home"

@Louistomlinson: "we are back London!!!"

Awh, Liam didn't tweet?

Ouu so One Direction are in town,eh? Oh lord, I have to meet them! I spend my teenage years just daydreaming and fantasizing over them. And legit they were all I use to listen to, my parents thought I was being obsessed. But no, as we directioners and the boys say, "we're not obsessed, we're dedicated".

I started writing and thinking I could tweet them "hey @onedirection heard you boys are in town, wanna chill sometime?" Hell to the no, do you want them to think you're a weirdo? you haven't even met them yet and you plan on embarrassing yourself. my subconscious voice told me. It would too random and over twitter? Way too public.

But before i could erase my typings, my fingers slipped and I accidentally pressed tweet. Oh shit! What have I done, they're going to think weirdly of me. I face palmed myself. Great I haven't even met them and I'm already embarrassing myself. Over social media! Good job Priya, good job.

After a while, i put out a new tweet hoping it would cover up the old one and not draw much attention.

"Can't wait for tonight with my girls @EmWatson and @_Sophiee oh and this guy @JakeTAustin"

I got a bunch if favorites, retweets and replied from fans saying

"can't wait to see The Complications Of Being A Spy gonna be the "bestmovie"

"@_Sophiee @EmWatson @JakeTAustin @_PriyaWinters I love you guys so much can't believe I will be seeing you tonight!!!"

"@JakeTAustin is one piece of hot sexiness"

"@JakeTAustin and @_PriyaWinters together tho <3"

Those two comments made me laugh really hard, Sophia and Emma were exchanging confused glances. I just ignored their weird stares and continued to look through the comments. 

Then i got 5 new notifications:

1= Liam Payne is now following you.

2 = Niall Horan is now following you.

3= Zayn Malik is now following you.

4= Louis Tomlinson is now following you.

5= Harry Styles is now following you.

My phone vibrated again signaling to 3 new twitter notifications:

1= Liam Payne mentioned you.

2= Harry Styles mentioned you. 

3= Niall Horan mentioned you.

@Real_Liam_Payne: "We'd love to come and hang out @_PriyaWinters !!"

@Harrystyles: "We should definitely meet soon Xx."

@NiallOfficial: "For sure! Whenever you're free :D @_PriyaWinters"

WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK?! I cannot believe this is happening right now, my freaking idols just followed me to twitter, and 3/5 just tweeted me. THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO HANG OUT WITH ME!!!!! Someone needs to pinch me, this isn't real. Wait no! If this is a dream, then I dont want to wake up.

But then the sound of Sophia's scream, wakes me up and I am staring at the notifications on my lock screen. This is real. My idols, One Direction, want to meet and hangout with me. Followed and mentioned me on twitter. Could this day get any better?!'

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