Harry's had this massive crush on famous British actress, Priya Winters (17). When he finally gets the chance to meet her, he thinks he's in love. He's been talking with Emma Watson, a good friend of his and Priya's, also her co-star for her current movie. Emma invites Harry to come to their premiere, maybe even get to talk to Priya. Priya and Sophia (other co-star/best friend) are getting ready to go their premiere. Little did they know that tonight wasn't an ordinary night. Harry and Priya get talking and btecome good friends, but what Priya doesn't know is that Harry has got very strong feelings towards her and doesn't want to remain "just friends".

(first book *no hate please*)


3. chapter 2

It was now 3:00 pm and the premiere would begin in 4 hours.

I was really excited for tonight, I mean I am always excited for movie premieres, but I had a feeling that tonight would be different. Like there would be a surprise awaiting us or something. Nahh, why would that happen, it's just an ordinary movie premiere.

"Are you just going to stand there or open the door? Some of us need time to get ready, you know" asked Sophia, interrupting my thoughts.

I'd just realized we'd been outside my door for a good few minutes, now. Wow it only felt like a few seconds.

"Haha if me 'some of us' you mean yourself, then sure I can open the door" I chuckled, looking through my bag for my keys.

But before I could even pull out my keys, the door swung open and there appeared my mum, smiling at us.

"Ello girls!" She smiled, sweetly.

"Hi mum" Soph and I greeted her; we gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

My mum and let Sophia call them 'mum and dad', only if she was comfortable. At first it was hard for her, but slowly she came around.

"Hello Jessica!" Emma chirped,giving her a wave along with a quick hug.

Emma had been staying at our house for a few months, she wanted to stay in a hotel but we insisted that she just stay here. I mean we had spare rooms and loads if extra space, the more the merrier right? Mum and her had bricks good friends, as well as her and dad; he'd tell jokes and crack her up all the time. It's nice that my parents like her she a really sweet girl.

"Have you seen Cuddles and Cotton?" asked Sophia, looking around.

Cuddles and Cotton are the two dogs we have in this household. Cuddles belongs to Sophia and Cotton is mine. They're both mixed between golden retrievers and miniature poodles, golden doodles!! Currently they are 4 years old and exactly 4 years ago we got them from our grandparents'.

Originally Soph and I had a dog name Boy (A/N kinda basic name...... couldn't come up with anything else)

He was a large and fluffy golden doodle and we had grown up with him. Most of the childhood pictures and memories we had he had been in. That is until we turned 12 and sadly passed away. He would have been 13 in dog years and 91 in human (A/N I think it's that way or if the numbers are swapped please don't hesitate to correct me)

"They were just running around here somewhere, hmm I'm not too sure hunny" replied mum, kindly.

"Not to sure of what, love?" Asked a deep, friendly voice, otherwise known as my loving dad, approaching us.

"Soph was wondering where cuddles and cotton were" I informed him, smiling.

"Hmm, last I saw they ran upstairs" said dad, wrapping an arm around mum's waist.

"They are probably sleeping or something" I guessed shrugging my shoulders.

Lately they have not been feeling so well, mum brought them to the vet and he said that they were coming down with a fever. So we have even pampering them and letting them get as much as rest as they can.

"I'm hungryyyyyy" burst out Sophia, dropping her bags.

That girl was always craving food, even when she was full she could still manage to make space for more. It honestly amazed me sometimes, she ate so much yet remained in the perfect slim, petite figure. I envied that girl so much!

"Aren't you always?" laughed dad, giving Soph a playful look.

"Dad!" pouted Sophia "I'm not always hungry!!"

"Most of the time" supplied dad, now he was just teasing her. It always use to get to her when people tease her, and honestly it's quite amusing.

"DAD!" exclaimed Sophia, now we were all laughing hard.

"Relax, sweetie. I'm just kidding with you" he told her, pulling her into a fatherly embrace.

"Umm, not to interupt your moment here, but Em and I are heading up to get ready" I told them, grabbing Em and running up the stairs.

Emma flashed them a last smile and together we left carrying our bags in our hands.

I walked into my bedroom when my cell phone rang. It was my manager Steph calling.


"Hi Priya it's Steph. I have some news for you"

"What kind of news are we talking about?" I asked.

"It's not good news that's for sure. Austin (butler) will not be able to make it to the premiere tonight" her voice wet straight to the point. Bad news is never good. I wonder what happened to him.

"How come though? He was just with Jake, the girls and I yesterday!"

"His mom got into accident and is in the hospital. He said he needed to be with the her and took the quickest flight back to LA"

"Ouch, he didn't mention this to me"

"He hasn't told anyone about this, but he called me a few minutes ago. He doesn't want any attention"

"No I get it, I were in the same situation I definitely wouldn't want paparazzi's hounding me with questions. It's suffocating"

"But tell him that's if He needs anything or anyone to talk to, he tell him that he can always call me" i said, softly.

"You have a phone! You can text him or something, but don't bombard him with questions. He needs his space"

"You say it like I'm the one who's going to freak. If anything you should be giving Sophia this talk. She'll be the one who's going to freak" I replied.

"Yeah okay. Just get ready I will see you in two hours, Rosie and Maddy will arrive soon hopefully and get you all ready."

"Alright gotta go. Bye Steph!"


With that, I headed to my walk in closet to get my dress, shoes and accessories. I also grabbed a fresh white towel and walked towards my bathroom. I stepped into the stall and turned the knob and let the hot water relax my muscles.

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