Harry's had this massive crush on famous British actress, Priya Winters (17). When he finally gets the chance to meet her, he thinks he's in love. He's been talking with Emma Watson, a good friend of his and Priya's, also her co-star for her current movie. Emma invites Harry to come to their premiere, maybe even get to talk to Priya. Priya and Sophia (other co-star/best friend) are getting ready to go their premiere. Little did they know that tonight wasn't an ordinary night. Harry and Priya get talking and btecome good friends, but what Priya doesn't know is that Harry has got very strong feelings towards her and doesn't want to remain "just friends".

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1. chapter 1

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Priya and Sophia's house: http://www.themovechannel.com/propertyforsale/9-bed-new-house-coombe_hill-united_kingdom-9076267/


Picture of Sophia: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/437271445041143815/

Picture of Priya: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/77757531040683605/


Priya's P.O.V

It was the beginning of October and autumn had also just begun. Ah, autumn, one of my favourite seasons. It's beautiful, the lovely splashes of red, yellow, orange and brown on the trees' leaves. The smell of fire wood burning, I adored this season so much! Anyways, back in track. My co stars Emma (Watson), Jake (T. Austin) and Sophia (my co star/best friend) had just finished shopping for our movie premiere tonight.

Sophia and I have been best friends since the diaper days and she lives with me. She lives with me because she her parents passed away when she was only two years old! We were raised together, you see, our parents were very close throughout the course of high school and university. Once my parents were notified about what happened, they immediately took action. They took Sophia in, they loved her just as Much as they loved me, she was like their second daughter!

We began acting at the age of 5 when we had made our first official appearance on a GAP commercial together. Not to sound cocky or anything but my parents are famous. My mum, Jessica Winters, is a 4 time oscar winning actress and does a bit if modelling on the side. My dad, David Winters, is a billionaire and is well known in the business and famous world.

Her outfit: insert link

Emma, Jake, Sophia and I have become good friends throughout the time we have been filming. Emma's like an older sister who gives great advice and Jake's a really sweet guy who's here for you

(A/N p.s there will be an explanation of what their movie is about following this chapter)

We had just finished having lung at a nearby cafe, and I found it adorable. The shop was petite, the inside was themed like a rainforest and there were even mini waterfalls and a few bridges here and there. The walls exterior were painted with a fresh coat of sesame seed brown and the title was printed in a pretty French cursive font.

We are currently walking towards Harvey Nichols and Soph was skipping with glee.

"Aye Soph, why you so excited all of a sudden?" Asked Jake, confused as to why Soph was so happy.

"She's has here eye on this dress for a while and it's been kept especially for her and she cannot wait to get her hands on it" Emma informed Jake, smirking at a now twirling Sophia.

"I will never understand girls and their excitement when it comes to dresses" sighed Jake, shaking his head.

"Jake you've been hanging out with us and Sophia since last November. I think you should know that she gets excited over the smallest things" I laughed.

"Yeah but I still don't understand" said Jake.

1 hour later

We got the dress and jake got making him need to leave m, he told us that we'd see each other at the premiere. We all have him a quick hug and he was off.

We walked back to my back range rover and thankfully nomen of the paparazzi had bombarded us. I started my car and we were heading back Home to get ready for tonight.


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