Harry's had this massive crush on famous British actress, Priya Winters (17). When he finally gets the chance to meet her, he thinks he's in love. He's been talking with Emma Watson, a good friend of his and Priya's, also her co-star for her current movie. Emma invites Harry to come to their premiere, maybe even get to talk to Priya. Priya and Sophia (other co-star/best friend) are getting ready to go their premiere. Little did they know that tonight wasn't an ordinary night. Harry and Priya get talking and btecome good friends, but what Priya doesn't know is that Harry has got very strong feelings towards her and doesn't want to remain "just friends".

(first book *no hate please*)



Hey guys! This isn't going to be a chapter, I'm sorry but I just wanted to give you guys a summary for what the movie that the girls' are acting in is gonna be about. Fair warning, it may be a but long. Hope you guys enjoy it :) 


The Complications Of Being A Spy


Alexandra (Alex) Montgomery, is a CIA Prodigy. Both of her parents were on the list of the Top 5 Best Spies in the agency. What happened? They were killed. Alex is assigned a mission to protect the Prince of England, Blaze Middleton, for he is in grave danger of a gang called "The Death Squad". The same group that killed Alex's parents. Alex meets Madelyn Blanchette and Eve Castillano, the only two prodigies remaining from the FBI, who will be joining her on the mission assisting and helping Alex.


The Death Squad has managed to kill nearly half the population of England and are now going after the Royal Family. Blaze is the only son of Elizabeth and Arthur Middleton (king and queen), the only heir to the throne, of whom the gang is after. All they require is the blood of Blaze, which will bring back their leader Excalabur and cause an unnecessary uprising. Madelyn, Eve and Alex have to protect Blaze with their lives, the safety of world depended on it. But there's just a few slight problems to this plan, Alex finds herself falling for Blaze, she's not just falling; she's falling hard. 


Eve has secretly been hanging out with Hunter, one the members' of The Death Squad. Hunter claims that he's good and that he's trying to escape the group; but you can never know,trust no one.  Eve and Hunter become really close throughout the mission. Hunter tells Eve that he loved her; which was her one weakness, love.


She'd never felt loved her entire life, her father had left her mother even before she was born and her mother had given her up right when she was born. All her life, Eve had spent alone and lonely, she could never trust anyone. Now she felt love, she begins to trust Hunter and tells him one of the most important secrets to the mission. Its is mandatory, that Hunter reports everything--even the little bit of information he knows to the group. His family and life, were under the reign of  The Death Squad, he couldn't bear to lost them. If the Death Squad were to find out this information it could ruin the whole mission. 


Madelyn is on the verge of losing it! Everyone has been so distracted lately, it's like they've forgotten about the mission. Had they stopped caring? Has Love gotten in the way and complicated things? Will Alex and Eve be able to get themselves together? Is Hunter trustworthy and willing to help Madelyn, Eve and Alex? What happens to Blaze, can the spies save him and the world? To unlock the answers to these questions watch:

The Complications Of Being A Spy




Alexandra Montgomery ------->  Priya Lloyd

Eve Castillano ------------------>  Sophia Evans

Madelyn Blanchette ----------->  Emma Watson

Blaze Middleton ----------------> Jake T. Austin

Hunter James ------------------>  Austin Butler

Queen Elizabeth --------------> Julia Roberts

King Arthur --------------------->  Patrick Demsey

Lord Excalabur ---------------->  Chris E. Hayner


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