The Love Rectangle

Kat has always liked John as a friend, but now she thinks she may have developed feelings for him. Little does she know that two other boys, Caleb and Andrew like her. What will she do, as she is stuck in this love rectangle? Who will she choose and whose heart(s) will she break?

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Title: The Love Rectangle
Author: HiralRocks


1. Chapter 1

Kat's P.O.V

"Kat, c'mon and stop staring at him"

,said my best friend Destiny said walking out of math class.

"Oh c'mon Des I don't tell you to stop looking at Taylor. So why are telling me to?"

"Hey babe that's how life works now shut up your guy is coming here".

John, my best guy friend or should I say my crush?! I met him 2 years ago, in my Spanish class. Thanks to that class we became friends and then best friends. We have alot of classes together, but just recently I realised I have feelings for him.

"Hey Katrina, how was the test? Hard huh?!", he said raising his eyebrows up and down. "Oh god John your so dirty minded and no, your dick is harder"

I said. "Oh my god guys you two are seriously are going all dirty on me, again, just because I am not as perverted as you guys does not mean you can talk like this"

, Destiny said. "Oh Des it'll be ok"

, I said assuring her. John looked at me and Destiny and started laughing and said,

" I can't believe you guys, you both are so different and here you are, the bestest friends of the whole damn school".

I walked over to John and put a arm around him and said,

" I still love you John, but I gotta have some girl time too". "Alright Kat, see you later bye Destiny". "I thought he would never leave"

, said Destiny. "Well he just did so, ha",

I said. " He totally likes you and you like him why won't you tell each other?"

"It's complicated Des, what if I tell him and he doesn't like me? What will happen to us?"

Just as I turned around I came face to face with John.........Oh Shit!!!

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