Rising star

She loved him even through the tough fist times. So when he gets killed. She go's back to all of the memories


1. the begging

The lights hit me, they scream my name and all I can think about is you. The way you laughed, smiled, everything. I missed you. I start playing the guitar and my eyes start to water. I needed to stop thinking of you. It wasn't always like this. It wasn't like this when I met you or before I met you. I never thought it would come to this. As I start to sing. I see you out in the distance. I thought I saw you in the crowd. Your face, your blond hair, YOU. But that's impossible, you have been dead for a year now, and I still want you back. My sing ends and I walk off the stage ran through the hallway and in to my dressing room and start to cry. I probably should tell you how I got to this stage. It all started when I was rising. Rising myself to the top of fame. The top of fame where you were at. Niall you were there at the top of fame and I was almost there. Well I guess you can call me the RISING STAR


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