Rising star

She loved him even through the tough fist times. So when he gets killed. She go's back to all of the memories


2. meeting you

It all started the first time I sang on TV. It was the mtv music awards. They just call my name and the spot light shinned on me. My blond curls shimmering in the light. My blue eyes lighter then they have ever been. It was my first song I had written that I had really performed in front of people. When I'm done singing and walk off stage I hear an applause, and I couldn't be leave it was for me. As I walk back stage I see you with the other boys. At that time I didn't know why I couldn't stop staring at you all I knew it that I couldn't, and I still don't know why, but I'm glad I didn't, who knew at that moment you were going to look at me and talk to me. You told me that I did good out there and then you winked at me as you walk on stage. You were presenting an award. The award was the new comer award and I was nominated for it so I had to get dressed fast. When I went in stage you and the boys were announcing the nominees. I had to Stand at the back of the stage. Then you said the words, the words I would never forget. "And the winner of the new comer award go's to.....Kalel." It was me. I couldn't be leave it was me. I walk to the middle of the stage to receive my award when you and the boys hugged me and congratulated me. When you were the last one to hug me and you put your arms around me and for a second I felt something. You held on longer then you were suppose to. That's when I knew........ I had to be with you. I couldn't stop it. I really liked you and I was hoping you really like me too. As I grab the award I do a speech. I was talking about all of these people but all I could think about is you

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