Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


4. chapter3

$after school $

$ Monica's P.O.V $

It was a long day at school and after school and we had a race and fight today when we got home. I got in the shower and got dressed in black leather skinny jeans, leather crop top , leather biker jacket and biker boot. When I was done I saw Spirit wearing grey leather skinny jeans, black tank top, with an tan leather biker jacket, with black leather knee high boots. As you can tell we like a lot of leather. And we are on our way to the race and the fight.

$ Flash back$

I was running in my regular wolf form. I was just enjoying nature to its fullest. I then changed into my spirit wolf love. My hellhound hated love. I was talking to hell my hellhound trying to keep her calm at love. But she wouldn't have it and kept growling at her when I said " we are the same person Blood." So I shifted mid run into my regular wolf Spirit. Then I was jumped by twelve rouges who I fought off five. One got too close and injected me with a purplish bluish color. I recognized it as wolf bane the thing that would kill a regular wolf. I shifted into my hellhound I noticed I was missing a piece of me when I shifted in human form and put my clothes on. I tried calling on Spirit but she didn't answer. Then Blood said that she was killed with wolfs bane. I lost my regular wolf to a bunch of smelly ass rouges.

$ Flashback over$

I snapped out of my daze when Spirit was poking me I let a growl at her. My sister was always annoying. She said" we are here come on". I groaned fine. Then savior was coming on I said " this is my jam" and sang along to it. I was really good thanks to my voice lessons.


So sorry for the cliff hanger. I'm going into the fight and race next chap. So I was wondering if since I'm a bad fan and forgot the lyrics to savior that you will but five lyrics from savior in the comments. Please and thank you!

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