Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


11. chapter 9

Spirit's P.O.V.

& heading to history&

While me and Monica a where walking to history we heard fight fight fight. We went to invest the problem. When we where there we saw Andy and Jinxx fighting to black boys. We saw the principal (our dad) walking to where they were they where and expelled them. And gave Andy and Jinxx detection. He also gave us detection because I think he knew we are mates. So after classes were done we went to the detection classroom and sat in the back. When we walked in we saw the jocks and the sluts probably in for doing it in the janitors closet. " What the hell are u doing in here." One of the jocks said. "We are in for fighting and this are our mates . Andy and Jinxxs said at the same time. "The bitches that hurt our girls?" Another jock said while popping his knuckle string to be badass. "Yup u have a problem with it because I sure as hell don't." Me and Monica said at the same time in our alpha voices. It is great to be alpha sometimes. "If u have a problem we can work it out alpha-to-be nightshade. Do u have a problem with us being here and is our mates in our pack because if they are they are moving in with us. Get it ! Got it ! Good now SHUT THE HELL UP!" I said very loud cause lighting and thunder outside to start up that is not a good sign when I am pissed.

Author note:

I'm am sorry about the wait my wifi is down at the time sorry love u guys keep up the votes and the comments thanks (>'.'<) >.<

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