Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


10. chapter 8

& Monica's P.O.V$

So while my sista was working on her engine Andy came over and said " Monica your my mate. And I really like you." I said" I am your mate sweet this is awesome baby!!!" He said that " I am glad you like me as a mate!" After that I went to first period art I had fun drawing me in wolf form. The teacher came and said" that's a very nice wolf Monica." I said " why thank you mr. Rider!" Then when I was walking to history when I heard fight fight fight. I went to investigate. I mean can you blame me curiosity killed the cat. Good thing the cat had nine lives. So I saw Andy and Jinxx fighting these two black guys. I just saw Andy blocking punches and throwing punches Jinxx was just keeping the other kid off of Andy. Then the principal came and suspended the black kids and gave dentition to Andy and Jinxx.

~ very long authors note ahead~

Hey it's me I'm sorry I am not trying to be racess. I am just doing her pov and yeah she didn't know the names of the black kids( not being racess). Ok I want to say this

Monica has not been asked by Jinxx why she doesn't have a regular wolf her wolf has been destroyed and can't come back. If you ask why just read the book over again damn I had it with the people who hate werewolf books if you don't like it don't read it. Ok I'm sorry I had to get that off my chest. Wow I feel better than I ever had. Ok so I need from y'all


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And I need y'all support in the book.

Ok so the authors note isn't very long I get that just help me support this book thanks I won't up load till I get the comments and votes. Bye!!!!!!!!

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