Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


8. chapter 7

&Andy P.O.V$

I was walking though the hall towards 2nd period which was math. I bumped into a little black kid. He had no hair and looked about 16. He started saying" watch where you're going bitch you have no right to run into me. I really hate your guts dumbass. "

I said " what the hell you talking about dip shit."

He said" just watch where your going." Then he soccer punched me in the ribs. He then said " call me T. J. And that is my Tyren." I just left hooked him and hit him the jaw his head whipped to right. I said " thats for punching me in the ribs fucker." Then Jinxx came and said " who's the black kid?" I said " his name is T.J. He's a little bitch that thinks he's better than everybody else." The Tyren said " why the fuck did you hit him in the face?" I answered " he soccered punched me in the ribs." Tyren then lunged at me Jinxx held him back. Then Jinxx got kicked in the groin. Jinxx then hit him in the gut. He doubled over in pain. Then Tj decided that he would lunge at me and tackled he then started to kick me in the gut. I jumped up and punched him in the eye. I ducked out the way when he threw a blind punch. I tossed a punch and got him in the mouth. Then the principal came and stopped the fight. Tj and Tyren got suspended for three weeks we got dentition for three weeks.

$ jinxx's P. O. V.$

I was walking to second hour than I heard fight fight fight. I was thinking Andy got in a fight with some one. I pushed through the crowd seeing a black kid with Andy on top of me " that what you get for soccer punching me in the ribs." Andy said to the kid under him. I asked " who is the black kid?" Andy said " he's name is Tj and he's sidekick Tyren." " ok so what to teach this punks a lesson on missing the two people of black veil brides." I said. After the fight we went to 2nd hour. Tj and Tyren had to go to the nurses office because of a blood noses and mouths and broken bones. ( this happened before the principal and the suspense)


Their is chapter 7 sorry I forgot to update last week I will try to update next week

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