Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


7. chapter 6

$ Monica's P.O.V$

I got up this morning it was Monday time for school. I hopped in the shower then got dressed in leather skinny jeans, a leather halter top, my leather jacket, and my heeled combat boots. I went out stairs to see Spirit make her famous chocolate chip pancakes with banana slices on the side. She was wearing tan leather skinny jeans, tan leather halter top, her black leather jacket, with flat combat boots. "Good morning my sista." I said. "Good morning chica." She said in Spanish. We had to learn five different languages they were Spanish, Irish,French,German, and Russian. When we finished breakfast. I took my 1998 Harley Davidson it was red and black. Spirit took her 2013 mustang Gt. it was black with a purple in the middle of the hood and ended at the truck. We had to fix Spirits engine so we pull up and every one was staring. Spirit popped the hood and she went to fix it.

$ Spirits P.O.V$

$At school$

When me and Monica pulled in I had to work on my engine to make it run faster. So when pulled up I popped the good and started to work on it. I felt some one wrap their arms around me I turned an round and found that Jinxx was holding my waist. " What are you up to?" Jinxx's asked me. "Will I am working on my engine to make it go faster." I said turning back around. Out of the corner of my eye I see Andy and Monica talking about something. After I got done with the engine I had grease all over me thank god I had a change of clothes in my trunk. I popped the trunk and I change out of my shirt with out caring about who saw my abs. After that I went to art with Monica we sat in the make and we also had it with our mates.

Sorry for not updating when I was s opposed to I am going to update next week and all summer for that fact.

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