Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


6. chapter 5

$ jinxx's P. O. V.$

The fight was awesome!!!!!!!! They kicked their asses. I am so excited about the race. It was a tag team race and the devils went against a motorcycle gang. It was two against two. I kept cheering them on and on. First was Spirit they were on motorcycles they went though five alleys and jumped over 10 chain link fence. Then came the cars there was a street race the cars never left the street Monica was all over the place and honking her horn. She got spikes to pop out of her tires and got over the dirt path the other car sank in the mud. Monica was very very happy so was Spirit. They went all out and won. I went over and hugged Spirit she hugged me back. Monica was doing a victory dance then was attacked by the biker in wolf form she shifted into a spirit wolf and was bigger than Spirits spirit wolf. I asked her" why doesn't Monica have regular wolf?" She said " that's her story to tell not mine." I said "Oh ok well see you at school tomorrow. Bye have a nice day."

# Spirit's P.O.V #

I can't believe that Jinxx is my mate when we came hugged me I felt sparks. "Why doesn't Monica have a regular wolf ?" Jinxx asked "That is her story to tell not mine." I said "Oh ok I will see tomorrow at school." "Ok bye." After that I walked to my car and drive home got in my pjs and fell a sleep thinking about Jinxx and tomorrow will bring for me and Monica

Sorry for the cliffhanger

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