Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


3. chapter 2

$ principals P.O.V $

I heard my kids Monica and Spirit skipped there first hour. They had art it was an ok teacher. They went to second hour. I called them in by calling Mr. Ray an hyper active teenager in his early 20's. They got there ten minutes later. I asked them " why did you skip first hour?" They replied " who likes art at the same time." I am always surprised when they do that. " You guys have to stop doing that thing where you talk at the same time." "We know that's why we do it and also do you have a job for us." "Yes I do I need you two to keep an eye on the quarterback an his friend." They just nodded. This is going to be a long ass mission form them an they don't know that they quarterback and is friend are there mates.

$ Andy's Sixx P.O.V$

$ At school $

I was walking in the school heading to music when I stepped inside the smell of death and vanilla I knew my mate was near

"Do you smell death and vanilla Jinxx?" I asked

"No all I am smelling is strawberries and chocolate." Jinxx said

"Your mates near as well." I said

So has I said that two sexy girls walked out of the office. I think there names were Monica and Spirit Star the principals daughters also number one on the streets. My mate is The Prankster the one that pulls pranks on her opponents the other one The Devil the one attitude and gets wants she wants ( Jinxx's mate). Monica is fucking HOT !!!!!!!!! Monica was wearing leather skinny jeans with a black leather bikini top over that a leather jacket with her initials on it and sunglasses with biker boots (hot)

$ Jinxx's P.O.V$

I was walking in to the school with Andy then the smell of strawberries and chocolate washed over me it was haven

"Do you smell death and vanilla?" Andy ask me

"No all I am smelling is strawberries and chocolate." I said to him

Andy said "Your mate is near as well."

And as soon as he said that the Devils walked out of the principals office aka their dad there is The Prankster the one that pulls pranks on her a opponents and The Devil she gets anything she want and as one fucking feisty attitude they are number one one the streets. Their name are Monica and Spirit Star. Spirit is fucking HOT !!!!!!!!! Spirit was wearing black leather skinny jeans with and tight undershirt that says "bite me" a leather jacket with her initials on it with sunglasses ( hot)

$ Spirit's P.O.V $

When we walked out of the office we saw Andy and Jinxx walking down the hall going to music I put my sunglasses on and so did Monica and we walked down the hall stepped in to the music room when everyone went quiet until the teacher mrs. Parker said " You must be new here right?"

"Yes I am Spirit and this is Monica."

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