Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


2. chapter 1

$ Spirit P. O .V$

Hey guys my name is Spirit Star I know wired name

but that's my mom for you anyways I am 18 an senior in high school . Some things about me I am an assassin going to an all werewolf school . Yes I did just say werewolf. I am a street fighter and racer I go by the name of the devil I have a sister name Monica she is a year younger than me she is also an assassin and werewolf and street fighter and racer going by the name of the prankster because she like to pull pranks on her opponent. Since I am a werewolf my wolfs name is Star and is a pure black and I am also an hellhound. My hellhound name is devil. Star and Devil get along pretty well. I have a lot of tattoos on my body I have a tattoo of angel wings on my back. Tattoos running up and down my arms some like "bitches get stitches and end up in ditches to get the riches" said by my favorite band BOTDF . Some of my favorite bands are BVB, BOTDF, FIR, MCR. I have to go to school with Monica PEACE OUT BITCHES!!!!!

$ Monica's P.O.V$

HEY guy Monica Star here sup how are you guys? That's cool will if you read my sisters p.o.v you read that we are assassins and also seniors in a werewolf school that is all true. I am an hellhound named Blood I know wired but I LOVE this name. I am a street fighter and racer just like my older (by a year) sister. I also got tattoos running up and down my arms me and my sisters got the same tattoos and they same angel wing tattoo. Me and my sister heading to school I was in my 2017 Campari it was black and red I love this car and Spirit was on her 1998 Harley Davidson it was black with an purple stripe.

************ AT SCHOOL*************

$ Spirit's P.O.V $

When we got to school we where new this year we move from Oklahoma to California. So when Monica and I pulled up everyone when quiet I got off of my bike which was parked next to Monica's Campari. I still had my helmet I so I toke it off and shake my head so my curls fell evenly. Every gasp at Monica's and I outfits. I was wearing leather skinny,and white halter top, biker boots, and an leather jacket. Monica was wearing all black leather expected for boots there was Uggs. We went to the office had got a schedule we only need one because I called the school and told them too put me and Monica in the same class. Schedule

1- art

2- history

3- science

4- Pre-Ap chemistry

5- lunch

6- P.E

Every class was 1 hour long 6 long hour in this hell hole. Me and Monica are now walking in too second hour because we skipped first hour. " hello you two must be new here?" The teacher mr. Ray asked

" yes we are can we introduce ourself to the class?" I ask sweetly

" go right an head."

"Ok well hello my name is Spirit Star an this is my sister Monica Star but you can call us the devils because we are hellhounds so don't piss us off and it was nice to meet you." Me and Monica went to the back of the class an a dumb bimbo blond came up to me and started to talk crap about me and my sister.

"What in the hell are you two doing here?" She ask

"We go to school here and we are new so back the freak up or so help I will shift right here!" I told her bitter sweet.

"You sl*t don't talk to me like that I run this school." She said

"Well we are the principals daughters so do you really run this school." I stated

"Ok sorry." She said in a monotone voice

It is going to be a long day I can't wait until P.E.

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