Tragedy in real-life

In the Real world saddness strikes you just don't know when............


1. The News

Casey watched his girlfriend Bella nervously twiddling her thumbs barely touching her dinner. "She has like this for days what's wrong with her?" Casey thought. Suddenly Casey stood up and said" What in the name of Jesus is wrong with you these last couple of days because You have been so......." "I'm pregnant" Bella blurted out. Casey was gobsmacked" What?! did that're only 19.......I thought girls didn't get pregnant until they were married!" Bella roared laughing and said " Oh ya because until you get married your womb is closed for business!" Suddenly Casey jumped in the air whooping and cheering"I'M GOING TO BE A DAD!" Bella said" How will I tell my parents? They'll Fucking kill me!" Casey smiled and said" If they are anyway good people all they'll do is be happy your safe and your having their 1st grandchild!They won't kill you sure they let you move in with me when you were 18!" "Okay they won't kill me.......They'll fucking kill you!" laughed Bella Casey laughed nervously and asked " Is your dad still a Guard?" Bella nodded. Casey smiled and said "You are right I'm fucked!"
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