2. 🎈tomatoes in my pants🎈

Ella's a POV

It has been a week and we were starving. I walked by a grocery store and my mouth watered. Suddenly I had an amazing idea. I went up to a stand with no one watching. It only had tomatoes. I grabbed some and stuffed them in the only piece of clothing that hasn't ripped; my pants.

I got back to the place we were staying screaming

"I have tomatoes in my pants! Tomatoes in my pants!"

We gorged on our tomatoes. It probably looked like we were covered in blood, but we didn't care. I heard some thunder and knew there was a storm approaching. It's always rains in London, but It didn't matter at the moment. All we needed to know was that we had full stomachs and that we were safe. Suddenly something occurred to me.

"Everyone we need to find a new place to stay. Somewhere safer" I said.

We were soaking wet and freezing our asses off. We needed somewhere safe and warm. Winter was coming.

And that's when we met them.

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