1. 🎈losing my home🎈


"My trousers are falling my trousers are falling!"

Wailed my brother

He can be so stupid sometimes. Today we are being forced out of our house, and I'm the oldest of 4 which includes my brother named Toby who never wears a belt. Then there's my little sister Annabelle who's only 11 and then there's my twin Ella. She was born 3 minutes after me but we are born on different years. I was born on dec. 31 11:59 she was on jan 1 at 12:02.

Our parents died 2 years ago in a plane crash, so were on our own. But none of us are old enough for jobs except me and Ella, but she has to take care of Annabelle and Toby so I'm the only one working, so we can't afford the house. I work at Starbucks btw, so I barley have enough for food and cloths, it dosnt help that Ella's always complaining about what I get. And that's why we lost our hose.

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