The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore

FINISHED: Belief was born into a wizard family as their only child. When she turns five she walks in on her parents' murder. She loses faith in everything but what she knows to be reality. When she is sent to Hogwarts all she excepts is the reality she has known all of her life.


4. Second Night

Belief's POV


"So, what do you think of them?" Lily asked

"Think of who?" I raised an eyebrow

"You know," Lily blushed, "James and them."

"Why?" I stared at her

"No reason," Lily swayed

"Come on, Lily.  I've got to be your best friend, after Severus of course." I grinned

"No, you're first." Lily shook her head

"Please tell me you aren't going to be joining the inevitable fan club they will have."

"No way, but tell me.  Honestly, Bel." Lily bit her lip

"You can have James," I pointed out

"That's not the point.  He's a pig, if I tell him I like him it'll go to his head."

"Then remember he's a pig and move on, besides there's always Sev."

"Ew! Sev's like my brother, if I had a brother." Lily scrunched up her nose

"I'm kidding," I laughed

"Do you like Sirius?" Lily asked me

"No," I gulped blushing like a tomato

"Sure..." Lily teased

"It's not like I'm going to let him get to me," I replied

"Sure, Bel.  Sure you aren't." Lily laughed

"And you definitely aren't going to let James get to you." I raised an eyebrow

"That's different," Lily waved her hand at me

"Sure it is," I laughed

"It is!" Lily insisted, "You're so... so..."

"I'm so what?"

"You're so practical," Lily pointed out

"That doesn't really change anything.  With stuff like boys, I'm so vulnerable.  I'm inexperienced, I've never had a boyfriend or a crush before." I admitted

"True," Lily grinned maniacally, "And that's where the best friend comes in,"

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