The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore

FINISHED: Belief was born into a wizard family as their only child. When she turns five she walks in on her parents' murder. She loses faith in everything but what she knows to be reality. When she is sent to Hogwarts all she excepts is the reality she has known all of her life.


9. Saying Good Bye

Belief's POV


Sirius was allowed to stay for Christmas.  He and I were the only ones staying at Hogwarts for Christmas and I was excited to see what would occupy our time.  We walked through the castle saying goodbye to friends hiding our excitement of spending time together.

"Bye Lily," I hugged Lily who was crying

"Bye Bel," She pulled away and dried her cheeks

"Bye Sirius," James nodded

"Bye James," Sirius nodded back

"Bye Wakefield," James tried to hug me

"Bye Potter," I wriggled away

"No hug?" James laughed

"I don't blame you," Sirius winked

"Good," I laughed

"Bye Evans," James tried to hug Lily

"You'll see me on the train," Lily wormed out of his grasp

"So?" James raised an eyebrow

"Don't worry Lily, he's just trying to show off." I laughed as James turned bright pink

"Lily," Severus called, "Come on,"

"I'm coming, goodness Sev.  Can't you be patient?" Lily sighed taking Severus' hand

James' eyes clouded with anger.  He started to say something but Sirius quieted him before he could do something stupid.  I smiled at him, but he didn't see.  Lily and Severus left followed by a silently simmering James.  I laughed and Sirius turned to me.

"You don't know how stupid James Potter can be, do you?" Sirius' face was completely blank

"How much stupider could he be?" I snorted

"Stupid enough to..." He leaned in and whispered in my ear

"Oh," My hand flew to my mouth

"Yeah," He nodded

"Hang on," I held up a finger, "Severus Snape, you did not tell me goodbye!"

I laughed as eyeone's eyes turned the the boy with the greasy black hair who's face was turning red.  He walked over to me.

"You forgot," I glared at the people who were still staring, they quickly turned away

"Sorry," Severus mumbled

"Won't you miss me?" I laughed

"Not at all," He hugged me

"Good," I smiled, "Now, goodbye, you can leave now."

"Good, goodbye Belief." He nodded and went back to Lily

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