The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore

FINISHED: Belief was born into a wizard family as their only child. When she turns five she walks in on her parents' murder. She loses faith in everything but what she knows to be reality. When she is sent to Hogwarts all she excepts is the reality she has known all of her life.


5. Much Later

Belief's POV


That past night Lily and I had planned.  We were to continue to act stiff and indifferent.  They were to think that we thought of them as pigs.  I had pointed out that doing so would keep their attention on us.  Lily agreed so that was what we did.

"Hello ladies," James and Sirius grinned

"Hello pigs," Lily and I nodded

"Funny," Sirius came close to me, "We know you're just playing hard to get."

"You wish we were," I snorted

"Same with you, eh, Evans?" James poked Lily in the side

"Like I'd ever play hard to get with you," She rolled her eyes

"They can't hide it, Sirius." James laughed

"They're bursting with happiness that we're talking." Sirius grinned

"Whatever you say," Lily and I said in singsong

We walked away waving our hands dramatically behind us.  Sirius and James suddenly had panicked looks on their faces.  Lily and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Severus asked coming up to us

"Nothing," Lily snorted

"Nothing at all," I grinned

"Oh come on guys," Severus pleaded

"James and Sirius think we're playing hard to get.  It's making them go crazy." I snorted and Severus paled

"Relax, Sev.  They're pigs, we could never be after them.  Gosh, you're as bad they are about themselves." Lily laughed

"Oh, right." Severus blushed

"Besides, why does it matter to you?  You despise them, but we can have friends that you hate." I pointed out

"It doesn't," Severus insisted

"You wouldn't mind or care if I started hanging out with idiotic ignorant pigs?" Lily started

"Uh oh, somebody's in trouble." I laughed

"I-I-I don't know, should I?" Severus looked at me for help

"You're the only one who got yourself in this mess, you're on your own." I shrugged

"Thanks, Bel." Severus said sarcastic

"Severus Snape!" Lily squealed starting to glare at him

"What?" Severus put his hands up in mock surrender

"Please tell me, that you do not intend on letting me waste my time with pig-headed, ignorant, idiotic, self-absorbed twits?" Lily's glare intensified

Severus paled again, then blushed, then paled again.  I laughed at his changing features and his ignorance to the situation.  He really could not handle Lily.  Leave it to Severus to fail at calming Lily.  I was the only one known to have that skill.

"You would, wouldn't you?!" Lily threw up her hands, "Will I find at least one, just one!  Will I ever find at least one intelligent, sane, wise, sensibly-minded male on this large earth?"

"I doubt it," I snorted and followed Lily out of the room

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