The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore

FINISHED: Belief was born into a wizard family as their only child. When she turns five she walks in on her parents' murder. She loses faith in everything but what she knows to be reality. When she is sent to Hogwarts all she excepts is the reality she has known all of her life.


10. Christmas

Belief's POV


I was woken up by a loud singing coming from the common room.  I laughed and sat up.
"Bring your presents down here!" Sirius called up to me

"Okay," I hollered back pushing the covers off of me

I grabbed my presents and ran down the stairs to the common room.  Sirius smiled when he saw me.  I smiled back and he hugged me, taking my presents.

"You'll have to wait for mine," He said

"Then you'll have to wait for mine," I laughed

"Okay," he shrugged, "Open them!"

I laughed and we started opening our presents.  I had gotten one from everyone of Sirius' friends.  One from Lily and surprisingly enough, one from Severus.




"Now for my present," I smiled handing Sirius a small box

He smiled slowly taking off the paper.
"Stop teasing me!" I laughed, "Open it!"

He ripped wildly into the paper grinning at my laughter.

"Belief!" His eyes widened when he saw what I got him, "Why'd you spend so much money?"

"'Cause," I grinned, I had gotten him a Griffindor ring with his initials engraved on it

"Well, then it's your turn." Sirius smiled

"Okay," I said taking a long box out of his hand

I opened the box.  I gapsed.  Inside was a charm bracelet with an obviously custom charm on it.  The charm had our initials entwined beautifully.

"And you were upset because I spent so much,"

"You deserve it," Sirius smiled, "And besides, this way, we'll always be together."

"Oh, Sirius!" I hugged him tightly




"What do you want to do?" Sirius asked sliding his hand into mine

"Let's go fly," I grinned

"Anything for you," He smiled back at me

"Anything for you too," I laughed

We went outside and Sirius went to go get brooms for us.  I waited there grinning, this was the best Christmas I had ever had.  He returned with a broom in his hand.

"Why only one, Sirius Black?" I laughed

"Memories," He shrugged smiling at me

"I see," I smiled, "You want to feel my arms around your waist again, don't you?"

"Maybe," He got on the hovering broom, "There's only one way to find out,"

"Okay," I took his outstretched hand

"Let's fly," He smiled




I was flying with Sirius when suddenly I saw a man step out of the shadows.  I gasped and Sirius turned to face me.

"What it is?" He saw the worry on my face

"Nothing," I shook my head

"Belief," He looked me in the eyes

"I think I see the guy who murdered my parents." I whispered

"I'll get rid of him," Sirius said confidently

"No, go get Professor Dumbledore.  I'll make sure he doesn't leave." I said

"I can't let you stay here alone," Sirius answered

"You will," I replied

"Fine, if you need me just scream, as loud as you can.  Understand?" Sirius made me promise

"I will," I nodded and Sirius touched down
He ran off as fast as he could and I stood there in the cold, white snow.  The man came closer to me.  Minutes passed and Sirius still wasn't back yet.  I didn't want to turn, in case the man tried to attack while my back was turned.

Suddenly the man muttered under his breath.  I saw a flash of green and heard a devastated scream.  Everything went fuzzy, but I was sure I saw the man run away.  Sirius hadn't been there.  I saw a figure over me crying.

"He wasn't here," Were the last words out of my mouth

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