The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore

FINISHED: Belief was born into a wizard family as their only child. When she turns five she walks in on her parents' murder. She loses faith in everything but what she knows to be reality. When she is sent to Hogwarts all she excepts is the reality she has known all of her life.


3. Another Interesting Day

Belief's POV

I woke up to the sound of Lily getting ready.  I remembered what had happened yesterday and decided to be her friend.  I couldn't help but be anything else anyway.  She smiled noticing I had woken up.

"Good morning, Bel." Lily continued to brush her hair, "Can I call you Bel?"

"Sure," I nodded and got up

"Are you excited?" Lily asked

"For what?" I replied

"It's our first day, Bel.  What else would you be excited about?" Lily laughed

"Well, you might be excited about the boys here." I chuckled slightly

"Hey!" She said, "But I get where you're coming from."

"Good, I don't want to insult my only friend on the first day." I smiled

"We're friends, good." She seemed like she had been contemplating whether I was her friend or not

I burst out laughing.

"What?" Lily whirled around to face me

"You were worried about what I was thinking?  That's hilarious!  No one is ever worried about what I'm thinking!" I kept laughing unable to stop doing so

"Oh," Lily smiled

Soon we were both ready and Lily wanted to hold hands.  So I gave in and let her hold my hand.  We went down to the common room to check the timetable and see what we had first, sadly James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were there already.  Lily ignored their presence and skipped over anyway, dragging me behind.

"Good morning, Evans.  You too, Wakefield." James laughed already alert at this time of the morning

"Now that you're here it most definitely is not a good morning.  Your presence fouls the very air that we must breath." I snorted

"Ouch," Sirius laughed and James punched his arm

"Offended are we?" Lily smiled

"Not at all," James answered

"You can't flirt with the both of them, you'll just have to pick one, James." Sirius laughed

"Why not?" James raised an eyebrow

"Fine, I'll pick for you." Sirius rolled his eyes, "You'll take Evans and I'll get Wakefield."

Lily and I gasped.  I gasped because Sirius said that I was an option.  I assumed that Lily gasped because James got her.  Stupid, I know.

"You can't pick for us," Lily huffed

"Can't we?" James leaned in to her

"No," Lily shoved James

"Are you sure?" Sirius stepped close to me

"I agree with Lily," I took a step away from him

"That's too bad," Sirius smiled at me mischievously

"I disagree," I rolled my eyes

"Exactly," Lily nodded

"Whatever," James laughed




"Welcome to Potions!" Professor Slughorn said, "Here you will be learning about the Cure for Boils and the Forgetfulness Potion.  First off I will be teaching you about the ingredients used.  Later on we will go over how to make the potions."

As Professor Slughorn continued to go over his plans for the year I looked around at the class.  Most people were staring blankly ahead with aloof smiles on their faces.  Lily was sitting attentively unaware of James staring at her.  He saw me notice him and grinned.  I rolled my eyes and continued to look about the room.

I found Sirius and noticed him staring carefully at something behind me.  I turned around to find nothing.  I turned back and realized he was staring at me.  I blushed and glared at him.  He laughed silently, but I could hear him in my head.




"Off to lunch you go!" Professor Slughorn said cheerfully leading us out the door

"Hello," Sirius came up to me and Lily

"Yes, hello." James agreed putting his arm around Lily's shoulder

"Shove off!" Lily threw his arm off of her

"Sorry James," Sirius laughed trying the same with me

"Never in a million years," I copied Lily

"Are you sure about that?" Sirius leaned in close to me and I blushed

"Like I'd ever go for a pig head like you," I huffed

"They aren't even worth our time," Lily grabbed my hand trying to drag me away

"Sure," James grabbed Lily's other hand

"You never know when to give up, do you Potter?" Lily spat pulling her hand away and slapping James

"I do, Evans.  And now isn't that time." James laughed walking away with Sirius

"Will you come with me to talk to Sev?" Lily looked at me pleadingly

"Sure, why not?" I smiled at her

"Thank you, Bel!" Lily grinned widely

"Your welcome," I nodded

We walked until we got to the Great Hall where Severus was waiting.  He smiled enthusiastically when he saw Lily.  He waved and she violently waved back.  We walked over to him.

"Hey, Sev." Lily hugged him

"Hey, Lily.  Hey, Belief." Severus nodded at me

"Hello, Severus." I nodded back

"Just call him Sev," Lily shook her head at us, "And you call her Bel.  You two are way too formal for your own good."

"Whatever you say, Lily." I laughed

"Thanks," Lily rolled her eyes and Severus laughed

"Let's go eat, I'm starving!" He said as his stomach rumbled

We sat down at one of the tables.  We only had to eat with our houses if it was breakfast or dinner.  And of course as soon as Lily, Severus, and I got into a deep conversation Sirius, Remus, James, and Peter decided to sit down right next to us.  James sat next to Lily; Sirius was next to me and Remus and Peter were on either side of Severus.

"Must you?" Lily asked

"Must we what?" James smirked

"Exist." I finished for her

"Yes, we must." Sirius nodded at me

"You are such creeps," Lily rolled her eyes, "Get a life,"

"I have one," James smiled at his 'wit'

"It certainly must not be much of one if you have to follow these two around." Severus said

"He is James Potter," Lily nodded, "He isn't capable of much.  Especially being a self absorbed pig."

"James isn't a self absorbed pig!" Peter squealed

"Shut up, Peter." James waved his hand at Peter, "The lady can think what she wants, as long as she's mine for the taking."

"Honestly, Potter.  Like you have a chance with Lily." I laughed, "The only person you have a chance with is Peter here.  Or yourself."

"Or you, but I suppose that would be insulting myself farther." James smirked back at me

"That would be putting your standards far out of your reach," Lily answered, "She's above me on the scale of girls at Hogwarts.  If you can't get me, you definitely can't get Belief Wakefield."

"I see," James nodded, "That would be you denying your true beauty while heightening hers farther than believable truth."

"Indeed, Potter?" I raised an eyebrow, "I am surprised you know such big words.  Well, they're big for you anyways.  Especially after drooling all of Potions class."

"I was not!" James protested

"You were looking at Lily," I pointed out

"So?" James asked

"You were drooling, whether or not you admit it." I smirked at James

"Interesting," Severus grinned

"Can you imagine?" I laughed

"Me with James?" Lily asked

"Indeed," I nodded again

"As if!" Lily threw back her head in laughter

"He has no chance!  None what so ever!  I mean, he has the brains of a donkey!" I laughed

"I'm still here!" James glared at us

"Did you hear something?" I grinned at Lily, "I thought I heard a whiny little girl."

"I think that was Potter," Lily laughed, "He is such a girl!"

We howled in laughter and Severus joined us.  James sat there fuming.  Sirius laughed a little bit too.  Remus sat in silence ignorant to the rest of the world as he had his nose in a book.  And Peter, well Peter was glaring at us raging.

"I can't believe this!" James stood up and walked away his robes flying behind him

"Oh come on, James.  They're just girls!" Sirius called after him getting up

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