Alex & The Inbetweeners

Just a teenage girl. She's different though. Her ex boyfriend, Harry, has been treating her differently at school. Her life has been the worst, until someone makes it brighter. Niall. Niall Horan. She never knew he was Harry's best mate. She'll never know.


1. Alex


I giggle with Harry on the way to the bus stop. "I love you. No matter what. You'll always be mine." He says. The bus comes and we get on.

***5 years ago***

"Come down, Alex. It's time for school!" Yells my brother, Jason. I'm so used to my mother saying that in the morning. Ever since my mum passed and dad ran away, it's all been different. I'm 13 now. My best mates are Zayn that lives down the street, and Jason. I'm different. I just moved from up north of London. Three years ago. Things haven't been much different. I'm sort of tomboy and gothic. I'm not totally like that though. Every 13-year-old is like this at some point. I come down my loft and go get my backpack. I slip my neon green converse on and run downstairs. I quickly eat my breakfast and brush my teeth. Jason and I walk out of the tiny house and go to the bus stop, meeting up with Zayn. "Bye, Jay!" I say waving. "Another day at our stupid Junior High School." I say sighing to Zayn. "Don't worry. It'll get better." He says. His voice soothes me. Though, I'll never date him. He's more like a friend. And I'm not just trying to friend-zone him.

Our day was pretty lame, 1st period- History, 2nd period- Science, 3rd- Art, 4th- Physical, 5th- Language, 6th- English. I enjoy physical and history. I like my schedule and all, but the day is boring. Just waiting for the day to end to get home. Because I have nothing else to do. I take piano lessons, but we had to quit. It costed too much. Jason doesn't have a job, he's looking for one. He's been job searching for 2 years. Hasn't gotten a single penny, except the ones on the street.

*Two Years Later*

Zayn and I walk into school. I've started to like him. More as a friend. Alex! Snap out of it! But I-i-I love him. He drops me off at first period. I quickly kiss his cheek. I love him. As I open the door, I see him blush. I smile a little. I sit through Science waiting for next period. I have that one with Zayn.

I tap my pencil on the desk and the bell rings. I get my stuff together and got to my locker. "There's Zayn" I mumble. "Hey A. How's class?" "Horrible. An you?"

"Same. Do you wanna ditch?" He asks. "I've never ditched. I know I'm a goody-goody I just- ok. Only this time." I reply with my head down. "Ok, well let's go!" He says holding my hand. We go to the milkshake place and order. "Strawberry please." I say quietly. "And a usual for me." He says giving a tip.

We get a table and the looks at me. "When you kissed my cheek, I felt a electric shock. Uh, I-I think I'm in l-l-lov-love." "Y-Yeah. I think so too. I've always had something for you. Just, I never knew you felt the same." I say looking into his eyes. "I really like you, A. I hope we become, you know." He says running his fingers through his hair. "Yeah. Me too."

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