Ravenclaw's screen

In Hogwarts there are four houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Each have their own individual stories, some more known that others.
Hello, I am Helena Ravenclaw. My mother is Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the four founders of Ravenclaw. People always compare me to her. "Your mother is the most fairest and smartest and blah blah blah blah" I will prove I am not just Rowena Ravenclaw's shadow. I am much more.


1. Being A student at Hogwarts

I am Yin Yang Chan a pureblood who's family is royalty. We control the Ministry of Magic. Only the royal family's kids may use a wand outside of school even before they are 17. My wand has Hazel wood and Dragon core. My mother always warns me to be careful. If I or any of the royal family slip up, then there may be riots in the street.



I am on the Hogwarts train riding in the royal carriage with my two brothers and pets. "What house do you think you'll be in?" Asked my second oldest brother, Godric Chan. "She'll probably be in Ravenclaw because she's such a smart-alec" laughed Rhodri Chan.  I rolled my eyes and focused on the more pressing matters outside. A red-haired girl looked in the window to admire the royal family. I was used to it though, I grew up this way. Father told me I had to socialize with people my own age so I let her in.

"H-hi I'm G-Ginny w-Weasly" she stuurered.


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